Who’s Going to Win SuperBowl XL

By Ayesha Grice
Updated: February 3, 2006

NEW YORK, NY—For the past ten years I’ve always predicted the winner of the Super Bowl, backed into it while doing a radio show in NYC. The host kept asking and finally without looking at any charts I picked the Washington Redskins, why? Cause God told me it was time for the world to recognize a Black quarterback. The other astrologer on the show was outraged, he had done all the charts and came out with a prediction that the other team would win. Well apparently God and me were right on that one. Since that time I have used the astrological charts of the two quarterbacks, two recognizable players, the coaches, and a chart of the time and finish of the Super bowl to try to make a more conscious guess at who would win. I must say that I picked the Steelers’s and the Seahawks to play the final game, and went against the “experts” in picking the Steelers’s to win their last two deciding games. It was clear to me, Roethlisberger had a fantastic trine from Jupiter in his chart, while the opposing quarterbacks had squares. That’s astro speak for Rothlisberger’s chart was good and the other two were not so good.

Now for Super Bowl XL. Had to meditate first and get my prejudices aside. I was born in Pittsburgh and really, really want the Steelers’s to win. Why? Because Jerome Bettis deserves a ring. He’s a good brother and I particularly respect him for his work off the field.

Starting with the quarterbacks…Ben Roethlisberger is a Pisces and Matt Hasselback is a Libra. Pisces says “I Believe”, and Libra says “I Balance” If Ben can keep his focus…sometimes Pisces is streaky, he can tune into his Jupiter aspect and do all the right things at the right time. Matt is an air sign his strengths are in his passing game, but from the looks of the Super Bowl Chart, the winner will the team that can move the ball on the ground.

The two coaches…Bill Cowher is a Taurus, while Mike Holmgren is a Gemini. Cowher is the tough no nonsense guy who likes to do things the same way (tried and true), is not experimental or flexible. Holmgren is the “intelligent” one, can be flexible or mentally outsmart his opponents.

The two running backs…Jerome Bettis is an Aquarius, while Shaun Alexander is a Virgo. This is Jerome’s last game, so you know the “bus”is going to be playing his best game. If Shaun can get past his analytical mind (Virgo) he’ll have a good game too.

Super Bowl Charts: The chart for the start of the game comes up Leo rising. A fixed fire sign. The Steelers’s are coming off a high having to get their the hard way. Looks like at the beginning of the game they’ll be pushing hard, playing with heart…a good start. Mars in Taurus will be close to the Moon in Taurus, that favors Pittsburgh because not only is their coach a Taurus, but Pittsburgh is a Taurus city. Certainly there will be more Steelers’s fans than Seahawks, it would seem that all of Pittsburgh is in a Super Bowl frenzy. If the Steelers’s tune into that psychic energy it could inspire them to win and win big.

However, the end of the games chart is ruled by Virgo. It will be strategy that takes either team through. The coach who can think on his feet, analyze the first half of the game and come up with intelligent plays will most like hold the trophy at the end.

I still don’t know if my personal desire to see a Steelers’s win is in the way of seeing the real picture. And this is the first time in ten years I’ve had to deal with sifting through images of Bettis kissing the trophy and faint images of Hasselback wiping away tears of joy while hold a trophy. (oh druthers). The chart for the day has six out of ten planets in fixed signs…it’s going to be a hard fought game, down to the end. However, regardless of planets and signs if the Steelers’s can maintain that “we’re gonna win it no matter what” attitude, they will win. The bottom line is who wants it bad enough and I think the Steelers’s have the edge on that one.