Traditional African Sports and Games:VEICAQE MOLI

By Michael Nakasissa
Updated: February 14, 2006

Fijian Sports and Games

GEORGIA—The Fijians are a people located in the South Pacific and comprises 332 islands of which the largest is Lito Veku.This account of traditional games is based on a paper by Father E. Rougier in the transaction of Fijian Society for 1915.

Although many of them are rarely, if ever played today, these traditional were once an important part of aspect of life in Fiji.Those discussed here are but a few of a whole variety of games.

  1. VEI TIQA – “Tiqa” means to throw or cast, the object of this game being, to throw a dart over a long distance, outstripping all other competitors.

  1. VEIBO – This is wrestling, a popular sport, punching, kicking, and biting being banned.

  1. COKASAU – This is another game which encouraged spear skills, spears being thrown at vudi plantain tree targets.

  1. VEICAQE MOLI – This is the traditional Fijian version of soccer and played with an unripe citrus fruit.Veicaqe moli means to kick the orange and is played by women in villages, during January to celebrate the new year.The winning team must present the losers with clothes, while the losers are responsible for mixing and serving yaqona to the winners that night.

Outrigger canoe racing – Fijians have built and raced outrigger canoes for centuries.Rotuma Islands holds women canoe races and in 1998 hosted the World Sprints, the world championships for outrigger canoe races.

Sources: Sevru, Tevita: Education officer-Fiji Museum.