Traditional African Sports and Games: Nguni Stick Fighting

By Michael Nakasissa
Updated: February 14, 2006

GEORGIA—South Africans after overcoming apartheid are now embracing their indigenous heritage by promoting their Indigenous Sports.They started the indgenous games in 2003 to help promote the African renaissance on the continent.The games were a rousing success and some of the games are listed below with brief descriptions.

South African Sports 1. Diketo – A coordination game where players attempt to retrieve 10 stones out of a hole while throwing a ghoen into the air.

2. Dibeke – A ball game with 12 players involving attackers and defenders trying to score runs.

3. Ntimo/Kgati – A rope jumping game attempting 100 jumps.

4. Dithini – A ball game that involves hitting down tin cans.

5. Morabaraba – A large board game that involves creating rows three of tokens.

6. Ncuva – a board game 7. Nguni stick fighting – Stick fighting is a unique form of martial art and requires great skill and discipline.Fighters carry a small oxhide shield in the left hand and a metrelong in the other hand.The stick is used primarily to strike at the opponent’s head. Strength and agility are important in winning a tournament or fight.

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