Mike Davis – High, Dived, Resigned, And Now …

By A. Renee' West
Updated: February 16, 2006

INDIANA—Emotional biases sway journalist’s objectivity.And you the reader have no clue because those biases are never disclosed.They should.

I love college basketball coach Bobby Knight, formerly of Indiana (IU), now of Texas Tech. Don’t try to analyze it.

Mike Davis, formerly Knight’s right hand assistant, betrayed Knight when he took over as coach when Knight was fired.Don’t analyze that either.

But Davis is a Black coach, so after his first year, I rooted for him.I also praised his successes.And when Knight made snide remarks about Indiana that seemed aimed at Davis, I sent Knight voodoo vibes.Love never extends to letting a brotha get kicked.

Disclosure concluded.

Nothing but ego, masked as opportunity, convinces anyone to follow a legend. But unless the legend is your daddy, or play daddy, you better own the sandbox.Knight is not, nor will ever be again, his ‘daddy.’ Davis is from Alabama.

So Davis knew acceptance would only come if he won big.

So he took the Hoosiers to the Final Four, had three 20-plus-win seasons, and defeated ranked teams like Illinois and Duke. Then he didn’t make the March Madness cut and IU started losing games they should have won. This year it was Iowa, Wisconsin, and 19 points to Minnesota.

But even if IU let Davis go, or Davis resigned, no one questioned that Davis would leave with “his head held high and his reputation and strong character intact,” said Reggie Hayes of the Mercury News.Until this week.

With rumors flying he would resign before IU’s game with Iowa, 90 minutes before the game, Davis said he was sick.

When he came back, he said that the fans and media’s negativity were causing his players’ poor production. He also suggested letting the Hoosiers be coached by one of their own, like Hoosier All American, now Iowa coach Steve Alford.

The next day he told The Sporting News he wasn’t quitting. He appreciated his IU opportunity.

Davis’ is in a living hell.

Where he chose to build his home.

Where he recruited sixteen players, one of which is his son, who depend on him for direction.

Where lately he’s played the blame game and acted resigned, that affects poor productivity more than fans and media.

Hopefully, the media babbling is now over, and while IU’s season may not be redeemable, Davis’ and his teams’ character still may.

I’m betting on Davis.

1“Numbers won’t add up for Indiana’s Davis this season,” Reggie Hayes.Mercury News.