Earth to Knicks: What’s Goin’ On Up There

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: February 24, 2006

NEW YORK – Knicks President and General Manager Isiah Thomas has done it again.Another major trade or acquisition was made that has left most observers baffled to its reasoning.Some privately and publicly wonder if there is indeed a master plan by Isiah who constantly says, “We’re satisfied with where we are”.One has to wonder, what exactly does that mean?It almost looks as if he’s playing a losing game of Monopoly.

No one in their right mind would ever think that with the winning all but 15 games (at press time) out of a possible 53 with the surging New Jersey Nets next in line to take their licks at the staggering Boys from Gotham.

The Knicks with the recent acquisition of former All-Star combo guard Steve Francis paired with former All-Star combo guard Stephon Marbury will have the NBA’s most expensive starting back court at 30 million large.That doesn’t take into account the 6.5 million that Jamal Crawford is earning and the 7 million that Quentin Richardson is making…off the bench.With the inclusion of rookie Nate Robinson the Knicks’ back court is earning a robust: 45 million big ones.YIKES!And it could have been worse if I had included Jalen Rose’s 15 million and the recently retired Allan Houston’s 19 million dollar pay day of which 80 percent is being picked up by insurance.

All of that dough for a team in dead last place:As Don King would say, “Only in America”.Had this been a foreign country some players and front offices types probably would have been pelted with objects.

Knicks fans are longing again for the glory days of yester-year.Even the days of the Ewing-Pat Riley era; although they didn’t win a championship (thank you John Starks) but they at least gave the fans a thrill for their money.They were dominant at home and above average on the road.One season (the season they should have won it all – 1993) the team went 60-22.

With this team one gets the sense going into the arena that the game is already lost but why not stay for just the ‘fun’ of it.

Isiah has to get a grip on this team and begin to show some financial responsibility.The Dolan gang will be shelling out some 60 million dollars in luxury taxes.The Nets’ team payroll is 64 million and their record far excides the record of their cross-town rival.

Somewhere across this great country of ours, Scott Layden must be smiling.