Dark Cloud Hovers Over Isiah and Knicks

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: February 3, 2006

NEW YORK – Who knows if there are black cats lingering around the Garden or if someone stepped on a crack, broke a mirror or opened an umbrella on the inside; whatever it is it needs to be exorcized.

In the now immortal words of former Knicks star Michael “Sugar Ray” Richardson, “the ship be sinkin’”. Those words were never so truer. After the Knicks rang in the new calendar year with six straight wins, they followed infamously with six straight losses. Then they won one game against the Orlando Magic by the hair of their chinny, chin, chins after almost blowing a second-half 25-point lead. And they followed that win with two straight blowout loses to the Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Clippers by giving up a combined 250 points. So much for ‘playin’ the game the right way’, as Knicks coach Larry Brown would often relent to the masses.

After losing to the Hawks on the road, Coach Brown accused his team of “quitting”. That no doubt did not sit too well with the players as some disputed the quote. Then on the very next night the Knicks laid another ungolden egg and were embarrassed by Kobe Bryant and company.

There seems to be a mess of sorts in the Knicks organization from top to bottom as Knicks President and General Manager is embroiled in a sexual harassment case with former Garden employee, Anucha Brown Sanders. The news of this story happens only days after team elder-statesmen, Antonio Davis goes into the stands to check on his wife Kendra only to be sacked with a five game suspension.

But, from the very jump when Larry Brown was first hired he trashed in subtle ways the roster that Isiah put together. That right there didn’t give the players a vote of confidence. As the point guard situation and the roster was shuffled like a deck of cards. There was never any continuity. And there still isn’t any continuity.

And if something happens in the pending law suit whereas Isiah is forced to leave his post, there definitely won’t be any continuity for quite some time. The main reason being is that the players that Isiah brought in are extremely loyal to him.

What needs to happen now is everyone needs to relax and calm down; and take team matters into their own hands…especially Larry Brown. Ripping the players in public isn’t going to work in this day. Now word has been trickling down that the players are getting fed up with Brown heavy handed tactics.

Brown was kicked out of the Lakers debacle in the third quarter (one wonders if he bailed out early not wanting to see the rest of the game up close and personal) and there was supposedly something said from one of the players on the bench, “now, we can play the way we want to play…free”.

You wonder if those words will have a lasting affect on the rest of the squad.