Asian African American MVP Going To Disney World

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: February 11, 2006

CALIFORNIA—History Made Again Sunday February 5, 2006 the Pittsburgh Steelers won their fifth Super Bowl Title. Beating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. The Dallas Cowboys, and the San Francisco Forty Niners were the only two teams that succeeded in achieving this prestigious reward. Super Bowl XL was not considered one of the best ever played on the field. It probably will not be remembered for much might, except that the Steelers beat the number one, two, and three top scoring teams in the American Conference. Then to get to Super Bowl Forty they defeated the National Conference number one scoring team to get their ring.
The Steelers made five big plays and it was enough to win, but that is not whole the story. The real story is about a Korean-African American whose name is Hines Ward.
Ward plays both wide out and wide receiver positions for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has developed into a very popular player, one that any quarter! back would love to have as a receiver. If he maintains his consistency, he will become the leader of the Pittsburgh Steelers especially with the retirement of Jerome Bettis (aka) THE BUS.
North America and Asia have acknowledged who Hines Ward is and how he can perform on the football field. The HanKook Sports section in the back pages of the Korean Times, have kept track of Hines Ward career. So last week two continents celebrated with Ward who received the (MVP) Most Valuable Player Award. Catching one touchdown and receiving three other critical passes in the second half, catapulting Hines into immediate star status.
Hines Ward is the first Asian American to win the MVP Award. This has garnered the attention if North America and Asia an additional bonus is that they get to witness the beautiful smile and gentle attitude that he exhibits all of the time. Both attributes are needed and are a welcome addition to the National Football League!
Hines Ward was born in March 1976 in Seoul, South Korea. He is the son of an African American father and a South Korean Mother. At the age of one his family moved from Seoul, Korea to the United States. A Georgia Court declared his mother, Young-Hee Kim unfit because she could not speak English nor did she know anything about American society. The Court granted custody to his father and new wife. Six years later Hines Ward ran away from his father to find his mother. Ward has remained with her ever since that time.
Hines Korean mother always supported her son but was not so optimistic about his career choice of football. However, she was keenly aware of how much her son loved football so she let him play. Hines attendant the University of Georgia where he became one of the best quarterbacks in Bull Dog history.
He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round in 1998 and became a starter one-year later, Hines wanted to fill the posit! ion of quarterback but he knew that there were several other quarterbacks in Pittsburgh already. He knew that if he was going to play at all, he would have to find another position to play.
In 2001-2002 Hines Ward gave the American Conference notice that he would be here for awhile. He received 94 catches with 12 touchdowns. One year later he flew through the air for 112 catches and ten touchdowns. This brought the Steelers to the American Conference Title game twice.
Ward is a four time pro bowler and will be going to Hawaii again this year.
He has surpassed Hall of Fame and Steeler Pro Bowler John Stallworth reception record.
Hines has tattooed Hungol (The Korean Alphabet) on his arm to remind him and everyone around him of his Asian ancestry.
Chook-Ha-hapneeda, (meaning congratulations in Korean) to Hines Ward and his family. Hope you had fun at Disney World.