Titans May Be Better Fit For Vincent Young

By Joe Booker
Updated: January 11, 2006

TEXAS—We must get over our emotional ride. We see Vincent Young as the hometown boy who goes away and does wonders.We see him coming back home to rescue his hometown team.This is the ideal situation for all of us who admire Vincent.Realistically, he will be a better fit with the Tennessee Titans. I don’t think anyone would be a better mentor for him than Steve McNair. There is no one in Houston or the state of Texas, who would rather see Vincent wearing a Houston Texans uniform than me.We must take a moment to forget about our emotions and thank about what is best for Vincent.

McNair will be retiring soon and Vincent would step in and be ready to take on the NFL.He could do it in Houston, but it could take longer. I feel McNair will stick around when he retires to be there for Vincent. Vincent looks up to McNair, who has been a mentor to him since Vincent’s high school days.McNair could help Vincent grow as a person as well as a quarterback.

It could also be in Vincent’s best interest to get away from some of his new best friends.Some of his new best friends are indirectly advising him to get new best friends.They want him to break away from his old neighborhood friends and become their friend.If he is a Titan, he will have to deal with that.Sure, he will have friends in Tennessee, but not like his new best friends he will have to deal with in Houston.

If the Texans keep David Carr and Carr leads the Texans to the playoffs, there will be fewer cries from fans to trade Carr.The fans are with you if you win.This would not be a good situation for Vincent to be in.

If the Texans don’t draft Vincent, it is not like they will get some dude off the street by drafting Reggie Bush.You must decide if you want a Red Rolls Royce or a Gray Rolls Royce.You will be getting a Rolls Royce anyway you go. Bush is the most electrifying running back college football has seen in years.Bush would be an impact running out of the backfield, catchingpasses out of the backfield and he can return punts.It takes quarterbacks a little longer.It took John Elway 10 years to lead Denver to a Super Bowl.I am not saying it will take Vincent that long to lead a team to the Super Bowl, but it takes longer for a quarterback to develop than it does a running back.In Vincent, the Texans would have a quarterback that can escape on-be rushers like Superman leaping tall buildings.It’s just a matter of what color you want your Rolls Royce.

I am one of the biggest advocates for Vincent playing for the Texans.I have written columns saying the Texans should take him with their first pick.I am no longer speaking on my emotions, but what is in the best interest of Vincent. I think playing for the Titans and having McNair as his mentor will be best for him.

The Texans will not draft their greatest needs first.Their immediate needs are a left tackle that can protect the quarterback, a defensive end that can rush the passer or a linebacker that can put pressure on the passer.D’Brickashaw Ferguson, the offensive tackle at Virginia, is considered the best offensive lineman in the draft.Mario Williams of North Carolina and Mathias Kiwanuka of Boston College are rated as the best defensive ends in the draft and Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hack, is considered the best linebacker in the draft.Each could make an immediate impact on the Texans.There is some question as how ready Ferguson is.The Texans will not draft either.They will draft Young or Bush, because they are marketable and will sell seats.

For those who think running quarterbacks cannot win in the NFL did not see or have heard of Steve Young, John Elway and Roger Stabauch.Young led the 49ers to a Super Bowl, Elway led Denver to a Super Bowl and Stabauch led the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl.Steve McNair (Titans) and Donovan McNabb (Eagles are running quarterbacks who got their team to the Super Bowl.Vincent will take the team that drafts him to the Super Bowl.Didn’t someone say that you should “never under estimate the heart of a champion?” Vincent Young has the heart of a champion.

Vincent is now making those who said he was not an NFL quarterback eat crow.It is different to find those critics, because they are now a member of the Vincent Young Bandwagon. Fundamentally, he was a better passer when he played for Coach Ezell Seals at Madison.

I have grown to realize that Houston fans and media will love you when you are doing good, but will turn against your when you are doing bad.I will never forget how some fans turned against former Houston Oilers’ quarterback Warren Moon.All of the Oilers problems were blamed on Moon.No one talked about a coach that blew a 30-point lead that would have taken the Oilers to the Super Bowl.I would not want what happen to Moon, happen to Vincent.If he plays bad and the Texans are playing bad, he would be blamed.

Some of those fans and media, who said Vincent was not an NFL quarterback, are now on the bandwagon saying how good he could be in the NFL.Some are lobbying for the Texans to draft him.

Just remember, Houston fans will turn against you as fast as they will turn on to you.Just ask Warren Moon.They will forget about you being their hometown favorite.It is all about winning.

That’s just the nature of the beast.