The ‘Glory Road’ For Texas Western’s 1966 Championship Run Over Kansas, Duke, and Kentucky Increases Historical Impact says,

By Off the BASN Sports Wire By Derrick E. Vaughan
Updated: January 12, 2006

The domination of “The Phat 5” Kentucky, N.Carolina, UCLA, Kansas, and Duke the 5 winningest college basketball programs of All-Time makes the Championship of Teaxas Western even more incredible.

January 12, 2006 — The Texas Western 1966 NCAA Championship win over Kentucky is considered “The Game” that changed college basketball. The social impact of 5 all-black starters vs. 5 all-white starters is the key element to this historical game. For a small school that most people had never heard of to win a NCAA Championship looms large in the history of US sports. Kentucky was an institution to college basketball. Their 4 NCAA titles 1948,49,51, and 58 were the most of any program in 1966. The other great programs of the era UCLA, N. Carolina, Kansas, Duke, Indiana, Ohio St., San Francisco, and Cincinnati had know more than 2 NCAA titles.

Lost in the legend of the Texas Western Champioship is the dominance of UCLA who won 10 NCAA Championships in 12 years 1964-65, 67-73, and 75. UCLA long with Duke, N.Carolina, Kansas, and Kentucky dominated the college basketball landscape of the era and, still dominate today. During their 10 NCAA Championships run UCLA defeated 3 of “The Phat 5” Duke 1964, N.Carolina 1968, and Kentucky 1975.

The 1966 NCAA Championship started as a 22 team tournament with 3 of the 4 highest ranked teams in the country being “Phat 5” programs. Kentucky was #1, Duke #2, Texas Western #3, and Kansas #4 ranked by the Associated Press poll before the NCAA Tournament. The Miners’ had 2 overtime games before they played in the 1966 Final Four a 78-76(OT) Midwest regional semi-final win over Cincinnati. They recieved their toughest test of the NCAA tournament from Kansas in the Midwest final 81-80(2OT) thriller. Kansas was led by Jo Jo White. White played at KU from 1965-69, he would later win 2 NBA Championships with the Boston Celtics in 1974 and 76.

North Carolina and UCLA didn’t qualify for the 1966 NCAA tournament. The follwing season UCLA would bring in Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar), the Power Memorial High School star from New York city. North Carolina would add Charlie Scott to Tar Heel land.

Scott and Jabbar would be 2 African American players that sparked the continued dominance of both programs.

The Final Four was set Texas Western vs.

Utah and Kentucky vs. Duke “Phat 5” vs. “Phat 5” for the right to play for the “Big Prize”. Texas Western defeated Utah 85-78 and Kentucky defeated Duke 83-79.

The championship game was set Texas Western vs. “Phat 5” powerhouse Kentucky. UK was led by Pat Riley (current President and Head Coach of the NBA Miami Heat), and Louie Dampier (ABA All-Time leader in scoring and assists) both scored 19 points for Kentucky. The Miners’ were led by the ‘Big 3′ attack of Bobby Joe Hill-20 points, David Lattin-16 points, and Orsten Artis-15 points. They scored a combined 51 of Texas Westerns’ 72 points. Texas Western won 72-65 and the game of college basketball would change as we know it.

David “Big Daddy” Lattins’ 4 thunderous dunks over Pat Riley and Kentucky helped in the ‘dunk’ being banned from college basketball for nine years from 1967-76. The ‘dunk’ would be reinstated back into college basketball with a new generation of basketball players. The popularity of the dunk set the stage for 2 of the “Greatest Dunkaers of All-Time”, Michael Jordan and Vince Carter both hi-flyin’ stars would come from “The Phat 5” program N. Carolina. Jordan and Carter would win the NBA Slam Dunk contest. Jordan back to back 1987-88 and Carter in 2000.

Kenny “Sky” Walker of Kentucky would win the Slam Dunk contest in 1989.

“The Phat 5” has one or both of the teams that has combined for the 5 highest scoring games in NCAA Championship history. 3 of the 5 are “Phat 5” vs. “Phat 5”. 1978 Kentucky 94 – Duke 88, 182 points, 1964 UCLA 98 – Duke 83, 181 points, 1975 UCLA 92 – Kentucky 85, 177 points, 1990 UNLV 103- Duke 73, 176 points, 1965 UCLA 91 – Michigan 80, 171 points. UNLV is the only team to score over 100 points in a NCAA Championship game. The next season Duke got revenge on Vegas and won the National semi-final 79-77. Duke showed why they are one of the best programs of All-Time. They would go on to win 3 NCAA titles. UNLV has never been back to the Final Four.

Texas Westerns’ win in 1966 was a great achievement in American sports history. They overcame great odds that changed a myth and opened the door of opportunity for the next generation. “The Phat 5” is now a dream for kids white and black to play for one of the 5 best college basketball programs of All-Time, and truly live “The American Dream”. Now that’s Dunkadelic.

The Phat 5 of College Baskeball; Kentucky, N. Carolina, UCLA, Kansas, and Duke will celebrate 500 years of combined play during the 2006-07 season. “The Phat 5” has a current record streak of 18 consecutive Final Four appearances from 1988-2005.

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