Texans Should Take Young With The First Pick

By Joe Booker
Updated: January 5, 2006

Photo By Mark J. Terrill, AP

Photo By Mark J. Terrill, AP

TEXAS—Forget about the Texans playing in the Reggie Bush Bowl. That was before Vincent Young proved to the world that he is the best offensive football player in college and it is not even close. The Houston Texans should take Young with the first pick if he decides to come out earlier and I cannot see why he would not. Yes the Texans have David Carr as quarterback and are about to offer him $8 million.

The Texans should re-think giving quarterback David Carr $8 million and take Vincent with their number one pick. This is not a knock on David, but David does not have Vincent Young kind of skills. Vincent has proven like no other quarterback in college history that he can single-handed lead his team to victory.

Young already has more talent than half of the quarterbacks in the NFL. He could become the first running quarterback to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

The Texans could get a high draft pick for David. I think a team like the Saints would jump at David. David would be a better choice for the Saints than USC’s Matt Leinart.

The Texans should not make the same draft mistakes they have made in the past. Vincent is the real deal. Not only is he a local kid, but he will sell tickets like no other player can. He will have a bigger impact on the team that Reggie Bush would. Bush is as good as rated, but he is not a Vincent Young. To take Bush over Young would be lunaticus.

I have seen a lot of college quarterbacks, but last Wednesday night in the Rose Bowl,

Vincent convinced me he is the best I have ever seen since I saw Floyd Iglehart single-handed lead little old Wiley College to a National Championship. I always felt the late Floyd Iglehart, who led Wiley College to the Mythical National Championship was the best college quarterback I had ever seen. Vincent is the closest thing I have seen to Iglehart. I still think Iglehart was a better all around quarterback than Vincent.

I saw Iglehart single-handed beat a more talented Prairie View team at Prairie View and go undefeated and beat Florida A&M for the National title that year. Iglehart was also the last triple-threat quarterback I have ever seen. He could run, throw and punt. Prior to be being voted as an All-American quarterback, he was an All-American wide receiver. The late Wiley coach Fred “Pop” Long saw the leadership that Iglehart had and moved him to quarterback. Like Young, Iglehart was 6-5 and weighed around 225 or 230 pounds.

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Hensley Sapenter played college football against Iglehart and talked about the comparison with Iglehart. “Vincent Young a very talented young man and deserves all the attention he gets,” said Sapenter. “Iglehart was a better all-around quarterback and maybe a better athlete. Iglehart was an outstanding basketball and baseball player. He could take you on the golf course and beat your socks off. He came along during the time when black quarterbacks were not given a chance to play quarterback. We didn’t have all the media exposure during that time. I just wish today’s media people had seen him play. Here is a guy (Iglehart) who made All-American one year as a wide receiver and the next year was anal-American quarterback. That alone shows you how good an athlete he was.”

Iglehart was drafted by the LA Rams as a defensive back, but an injury ended his career.

Just like people say Jim Brown was the best running back ever in the NFL and Michael Jordan the best basketball player ever in the NBA, people who saw and played against Iglehart, said he was the best college quarterback they had ever seen. Iglehart is guilty of not having ESPN to prove it.

I saw Young play when he was a sophomore at Madison. After running the option, I called Coach Ray Seals at Madison and told him he was the best high school option quarterback I had ever seen. I saw the talent in Vincent before most media people had

ever heard of him. When I saw him at Madison he had good passing mechanics. I don’t know what Texas did to his passing game. He was not throwing side-armed in high school. Vincent, like former Longhorn quarterback Chris Simms, may have to wait until he gets to the NFL before he develops his complete game as a quarterback.

The only high school quarterback I saw play that could run and throw like Young was Freddy Dotson, who played for Moore High School in Waco. He could run the option, but was a better passer than Vincent.

Vincent, forget about what people tell you about staying in college. You have nothing to prove by going back. Next year is not a guarantee that you will be as successful. Just ask Matt Leinart of USC.

It is good the NCAA has a rule against college athletes being paid, because if they didn’t have such a rule, Vincent would be highest paid person in the athletic department.

The Houston Texans should not even have to think about whether they should or not take Vincent with the first pick. They should do the right thing and take him. They have two running backs—Domanick Davis and Jonthan Wells, who can get the job done.