My Two Cents

By Tony McClean
Updated: January 7, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — Just some random thoughts while wondering why Reggie Bush was on the sidelines on 4th and two late in the Rose Bowl Wednesday night. I don’t question Pete Carroll going for it, but why is the Heisman Trophy winner not even on the field for that play?

Yes, Lendale White was having a great game, but dont you think if Bush was on the field (even as a decoy) the Texas D may have reacted differently?
But enough of that. Here’s my two cents:
Before he becomes Maurice Clarett on training wheels, would someone please grab Marcus Vick by the face and wise his ass up? Virginia Tech gave him more than enough chances to get his act together on and off the field. So much for his “I’m a changed man” diatribe.
If he thinks going pro is going to solve all his problems, think again. At this point and in lieu of the fallout of the T.O. affair, he needs to work on his attitude and his still evolving game. In a perfect world, the younger Mr. Vick stays at home and gets some knowledge from one of college football’s best coaches: Hampton’s Joe Taylor.
Just a thought, Marcus. Think about it, bro!!
One man’s Hall of Fame Ballot in no particular order: Jim Rice, Bruce Sutter, Goose Gossage, Bert Blyleven, Lee Smith, Dave Concepcion, Dave Parker, Jack Morris, Don Mattingly, and Orel Hershiser. In regards to the first three, they should have been in the Hall a long time ago.
Parker may be a stretch because of the drug scandal, but that shouldn’t diminish his career accomplishments. A seven-time All-Star, three-time Gold Glover, two-time batting champion, and the NL’s MVP in 1978, the “Cobra” was always one of baseball’s most dangerous hitters.
Why the NBA makes no damn sense at times: Monday night, the Suns lose to the Knicks in triple overtime at the Garden. Four days later, they beat up on the Heat in Phoenix. Whaaaat? Can’t beat the Knicks but they can beat the Heat? I’ve heard of the home court advantage, but geeeeeez!!
***image7***Note to angry Jet fans: After castigated Reverend Herm on the talk shows over the last few weeks, did you really think the Chiefs were going to hand you a first-round pick. You’ve been trashing him all season, but arrogantly expected to get a first round pick.
What non-reality planet are you living on? No, Herm wasn’t the Tuna, but he damn sure wasn’t Rich Kotite. Just be careful of what you wish for. When Gang Green is toiling through another tough season in 2006 while the Chiefs are heading for the playoffs, don’t come whining to me.
More Edwards: While neither Jet management or Reverend Herm come out of this whole affiar looking good, here’s something to chew on. On the coaches pay scale, only the now fired Mike Tice and Jim Haslett were making less than Edwards.
Considering the fact that he did a helluva lot more than these two men, it does shed a little bit more light to the situation. Given the history of buffoonery that the Jets’ front office has accumulated over the years, it sure sounds like he was getting low balled by management.
***image7***Something to think about: When he decided to stay in school last year, USC’s Matt Leinhart was lauded as being a shrewd young man. Now Vince Young has that same decision to make. Will the media do the predictable “He’s an idiot to stay” if he decides to return to Austin or will he be given the same love?
Already some media guys have jumped on the get outta town bandwagon. Hey, folks let the kid make up his own mind. No matter what happens and barring any major inuury, VY is gonna make a pile of money either this year or next year. Don’t hate on him because Mr. Young has options.
That’s my two cents. Now I’m gonna go pick up a Lou Rawls CD. To quote his own musical words, we’ll never find another man with a greater voice and a greater comittment to Black youth.
Rest in peace, sir.