Knicks New Motto: Season’s Beatings

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: January 2, 2006

NEW YORK, NY—It was supposed to be a magical season; a season reminiscent of the glory days of Frazier, Reed and Bradley.Well, maybe that is a bit too far but certainly with future Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown at the helm and with the influx of new and supposed improved talent, the sky was the limit for this current Knicks team.

At present, (at press time, the Knicks are 7-21) those dreams have turned into horrific nightmares.One loss after another the Knicks seem to be digging themselves further and further into the abyss.And what’s worse is that at present the Knicks do not own a Lottery Pick of their own.That is thanks in whole to the Eddy Curry, Chicago Bulls trade.But, the Knicks do own the San Antonio Spurs’ first round pick.If that can be any consolation, current Spur and future All-star Tony Parker was drafted by the Spurs in the wee-hours of the first round several years ago.

This current Knicks team though seems to lack direction and purpose.For one Larry Brown seems to coach as if he’s still playing in the exhibition season going twelve deep in the rotation on many of nights.And all though most if not all players love playing time, the mixing and meshing has everyone confused and disorientated at times.

The simmering feud with Stephon Marbury has made headlines as one take shots at the other through the media during different times.Marbury for what it’s worth was playing his best Knicks ball when former coach Lenny Wilkens was in charge of the sideline play calling.But, that was due in part because he allowed Marbury to do whatever he good and well pleased to do without hesitation.The only thing, which was a BIG THING that curtailed that harmonious union, was when Marbury gave himself the old Sports Illustrated jinx by declaring himself the “best point guard in the league”.The Knicks were doing great at the time, in first place and Marbury was averaging over 20 points per game and close to nine assists.Ever since that fateful day the Knicks have gone downhill and hasn’t recovered.

The Knicks need help in several areas but, especially at the small forward spot.Starting Trevor Ariza along with Jerome James (usually when Curry is out with and injury) and the ancient but still affective if used in small doses, Antonio Davis scares absolutely no one.

As a matter of fact when that line up starts games the Knicks usually have lost the game in the first quarter as the opposing defenses stack up against Marbury and force him to either take bad shots or feed the ball to teammates who cannot score.A stud scoring small forward that can defend, even a little would be something that the doctor ordered.And that list does not include Toronto’s Jalen Rose who will soon be 33 years old and is a rotten defender.

The Knicks have gotten younger with the wonderful draft picks as been well noted time and time again.Now the organization has to be patient; but that patience has to be with a purpose in mind.Coach Brown cannot keep playing untalented veterans because they’ve been in the league since the dark ages.And if there’s a hint that needs to be given, Malik Rose does not need to play extended and important minutes.He’s far too short to defend and play against power forwards and far too slow to defend quicker small forwards.Besides when he’s open, he cannot hit the broad side of a barn with a Mack Truck.

The bottom line is the Knicks need to do something fast and quick to right this sinking ship.If that does not happen then at some point the Garden may begin to chant the unthinkable, “Fiyah Tho-mas!” or even worse, “Fiyah, Lar-ry!”