It Seems There Needs To Be A Talk In A Pro Athlete’s House

By Gregory Moore
Updated: January 20, 2006

SAN ANTONIO – I cannot condone what Antonio Davis did the other night in Chicago. When the NBA player who is also the president of the player’s union saw his wife may have been in harm’s way, he did exactly what a married man would do if he cared about his family unit: he went to defend his kingdom. Yet I am also wondering just how could a situation like this occur and who is partly the blame for this escalating to where a husband has to essentially leave his ‘office’ to handle a family matter. Is Kendra Davis at fault because she decided to get ‘ghetto fabulous’ with a paying patron of the Bulls? Did 22-year-old Michael Axelrod decide that he was going to go ahead and also become a bumbling idiot and decide that it’s better to engage the raging wife of an NBA player rather than yell, “Security!!” to stop the madness? And what of the league itself? How about a little backbone fellas? Five games? Okay I can understand it and I might even say that’s fine but there has to be a message sent somewhere in all of this. Yet before we start placing blame to any of the parties in this matter, it looks like this is the perfect time for Antonio to have a serious talk with his very attractive, yet outspoken wife.

Before I dive into marriage and home affairs, let me say that for Antonio to go into the stands, while admirable that he wants to defend his woman it may be, it was a wrong decision and he should have known better. So I’m going to be fine with the suspension because of ‘mitigating circumstances’. As for Mr. Axelrod, I have just one bit of advice for his young man: fight your own battles and quit using daddy’s money and daddy’s connections to get what you want. Seriously, it should be an utter embarrassment that a 22-year-old is still relying on his father to fight his battles. C’mon Michael go down to the nearest hardware store and buy your own set of brass balls to fight Davis with. And as for Kendra, well this is where I think it is time for Antonio to have that talk.

THE WIFE NEEDS TO TAKE THE BACK SEAT…PERIOD Okay we all know the old cliché. Behind every successful man is a woman who is driving him to be that success. There is nothing wrong with having your girlfriend or wife in your life and she is the driving force to your dreams. As a matter of fact I might have to find a way to endorse that on the Michael Baisden show because I have seen what a strong woman does to a man who wants to be a success; they are usually living the dreams they once thought were just that. Yet as I have learned from experience, women want a man who can be ‘head of household’ AND wants a man who can ‘keep them in check’ so to speak. Davis may be one hell of a husband and father but he is definitely flunking in the key area of having his wife be a ‘silent’ partner in his career. Call it what you want but what Davis needs to do is have a serious talk with Kendra as it seems that a simple problem of ‘her’ mouth has come to roost in her home town.

Maybe for the Davis’ they don’t see this as a problem. Maybe it shouldn’t be an issue. But then again, Kendra isn’t just anybody’s wife. She is a vocal woman who is married to an NBA player and a rather famous one at that. Antonio is one of the best ‘role models’ I could ever use as an example of someone who is a hard worker and who is passionate about his life, work and family. Yet if I had the chance to ask Antonio about why his wife is so outspoken, I’m sure he would probably tell me, “That’s the way she is and I wouldn’t want it any other way”. Well that’s fine but let’s look at the history that his wife has in being vocal. Reading several articles from the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers, it seems that Mrs. Davis has a penchant for expressing her family’s beliefs to the nation. According to a story in the Tribune that came out on Friday, Kendra was very instrumental in a trade that involved Toronto and Chicago. It was also reported that in 1991, a then young Kendra Meeks told the same paper that she basically didn’t back down from anyone and that she adored the fact of getting what she wanted; even if that meant she would have to get verbal in doing so.

Maybe to many in America they would think that Mrs. Davis’ actions were unconscionable and they can rightfully assume such a notion. But let me throw this at you on this matter. Kendra is a strong, African American woman and she simply did what she has always done; fight for what she believed in. It may sound very contradictory to the social landscape but if you look at the situation from where she was, Kendra didn’t do anything wrong; at least not in her eyes or in her husband’s eyes.

Yet if the truth had to be told, what Antonio needs to do is have a serious talk with his wife on just this type of behavior. When I finally saw the incident on tape, I cringed for a few seconds because I knew that this was about to become a hot topic and something that probably has never been talked about. Yes I can definitely do a talk show entitled “Meddling wives: Should they be prominent in their husband’s affairs at work or fade into the background? Next on the G-Money show”. My own personal take on such issues is that Kendra should have packed her bags and headed to the family room.

Nobody wants to try and tell a grown man how to handle his household but these athletes have got to start having some serious discussions about what is acceptable behavior that reflects on them. Many may not want to hear me say this but think about the scenario we are talking about. If your significant other caused you five paychecks and a fine because he or she decided to not act calmly with a fan and decided that a battlefront is a better choice, wouldn’t you want to say, “What the hell is wrong with you”? I know I would.

Like I have said, I’m not begrudging Antonio for going up into the stands to make sure his wife is okay. Again I think it’s the ultimate duty of a husband to do so. However, Antonio needs to start having a serious talk with Kendra about her actions in public. They have now affected a few paychecks and I’m sure she didn’t intend to have this situation happen. But if Kendra is listening, it can be avoided. The way to avoid having your name in the spotlight is to not draw attention to yourself. Whatever she did to garner the attention, I hope she doesn’t do it again because it simply isn’t becoming of a woman who is so privileged to have a marriage in which her husband plays a kid’s game and gets paid handsomely for the efforts.

Antonio, you might want to start having that talk pretty soon.

THE INCIDENT, PART II Putting the Davis’ aside, I wanted to address Michael Axelrod and his ridiculous accusations. Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune wrote on Jan. 20th that it is open season on fans. I have to vehemently disagree with Mr. Smith’s stance. First of all Antonio Davis is no Ron Artest. Davis went into the stands because he felt his wife was threatened. Whether she was or was not isn’t the issue here. What seems to me is that maybe Mr. Smith needs to address the security at the United Center. That’s what I did in an article that described how disgusted I was with security at the Palace At Auburn Hills on that fateful November day. As a matter of fact I’ll even join in with Mr. Smith if he wants to discuss the lack of security in some NBA arenas because I do think that many of the ushers in some places are not well trained to handle such altercations.

I also think that the way Davis is being portrayed as an angry, 6’9” man stalking into the stands is wrong. Who said that Davis was mad? Was Smith even at the game to witness such interaction? Probably not. So why even assume that Davis was an angry individual ready to pounce on an unsuspecting fan? Because it makes for great reading in the bathroom, that’s why.

Is the lack of security at some NBA arenas a serious problem? Sure it is and I’m sure the league has been working to raise the level of presence in such buildings. Does Davis deserve being suspended the five games? Sure he does and I’ll buy into the mitigating circumstances aspect that Stu Jackson is spinning. However what I am not going to buy into is that it’s open season on the fans because that is simply not the case. Nobody was injured and it was a heated discussion that essentially came down between two fans; one a fan of the New York Knicks and one of the Chicago Bulls. A slander lawsuit laced with battery accusations? C’mon this can’t really be that serious is it? Yet I don’t think that Sam Smith’s diatribe in the Chicago Tribune helped anyone solve the problem either. If anything it only added fuel to an already intense fire.