Texans vs. 49ers: The Reggie Bush Bowl

By Joe Booker
Updated: December 26, 2005

HOUSTON– The Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers have two things in common—neither is playing in the Super Bowl and both could use Reggie Bush.

The Bush Bowl could become complicated if the Texans defeat the 49ers. If the Texans win it could become a five team race: 49ers, Jets, Packers, Saints and Texans—in the Bush lottery. Neither the Texans have anything to gain by winning. If the Texans lose, they would have the first pick in the draft and a chance to take Reggie Bush, the most exciting football player in college.

If the season ends with the above teams tied with the losing record, the Texans would not get the first pick. It is based on the team with the weakest schedule. The Saints, Jets and Packers have a weaker schedule than the Texans. If this is the scenario the Texans could pick from four to five.The Texans must lose to get the top pick.

Texans and 49ers officials will tell you they are trying to win and have not lost on purpose.It’s politically correct thing to say. Fans from both teams don’t have to play the political game.They are not afraid to let it be known that they want Bush.It would be more difficult to find an undertaker looking sad at a $100,000 funeral than it would be finding a Texans or 49ers fans looking sad after losing Sunday’s game.

Fans want playmakers and since they purchase tickets and tickets help pay players salaries, why not grant the fans their wish? Of course, we wouldn’t want the Texans to come out and say they are going to lose on purpose to get Bush. That would be uncivilized. But you get my drift Bob (McNair).

The way the Texans have played this season how do you distinguish if they have thrown a game or just playing their normal ball?

If you are Bob McNair and his staff, don’t even think about passing up on Bush by trading down to get additional picks. It would be like shunning Hallie Berry for Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell.

For the second year in a row the 49ers did not have a player voted to the Pro Bowl. The Texans have had at least one player picked each year. Return specialist Jerome Mathis is the lone Texans picked.


The Texans have the 30th worst offense in the league. They average only 251.3 total yards per game. Quarterback David Carr has been allowed to call his plays, which has resulted in better production. In their lost to Jacksonville, Carr threw for 295 yards and two touchdowns. Andrew Johnson caught 7 passes for 119 yards and 1 TD. Jonathan Wells did a good job (86 yards rushing) filling in for the injured Domanick Davis.

Sunday Carr could have his best passing game of the season, because the 49ers have the worst (282.1 yards allowed a game) pass defense in the league. Overall, the 49ers (398.3 yards allowed per game) have the worst defense in the NFL. The Texans are 24th in the league (16.2) in scoring offense and the 49ers are next to last (27.4) in scoring defense.


Alex Smith, the first pick in the 2005 draft by the 49ers, played his best game in their 24-20 win over St. Louis. (Smith who has not thrown a touchdown, but has thrown for 10 interceptions), completed 12 0f 16 passes for 131 yards. They have played without Kevin Barlow, their leading rusher the past three games.

Frank Gore and Maurice Hicks have done a good job filling in for Gore. Sunday Hicks ran for 109 of the 49ers 217 rushing yards. The 217 yards by the 49ers were their best one- game output since 2003. The 49ers have the 30th worst (315 yards per game) offense in the NFL and their 135.4 yards passing per game is last in the league.


The Texans have a chance to have their most productive passing game of the year against the worst pass defense in the NFL. David Carr is getting sacked less is better when he throws rolling out. Wide receiver Andre Johnson is healthy and the Texans passing game is better.

Shantee Orr has given the Texans a pass rush that has been missing most of the season. The 49ers will exploit the Texans rushing defense, which ranks 31st in the NFL. Quarterback Alex Smith is playing up to expectations. Frank Gore and Maurice Hicks have done a good job replacing the injured Kevin Barlow.


TEXANS LEADERS: Offense- David Carr, 2465 yards passing and 14 TDs ; Domanick Davis, 976 rushing yards and 2 TDs; Andre Johnson 62 receptions, 685 receiving yards and 2 TDs; DEFENSE- Marlon Greenwood, 102 tackles; Antwan Peek, 7 sacks; 6 with 1 INTS.

49ERS LEADERS: Offense- Alex Smith, 716 yards passing and 0 TD; Brandon Lloyd , 44 receptions, 685 receiving yards and 4 TDs; DEFENSE- Derek Smith, 109 tackles; Bryant Young, 8 sacks, Shawntae Spencer, 4 INT.

TEXANS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense- 115.2 Y/G (15th); Passing Offense- 164.3.0 Y/G (30th); Total Offense- 251.3 Y/G (25th). Rushing Defense- 141.4 Y/G (31st); Passing Defense- 225.3 Y/G (20th); Total Defense- 366.7 (31st)

49ERS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense-92.1 YPG (27th); Passing Offense- 218.0 YPG (32nd); Total Offense- 210.1 YPG (32nd). Rushing Defense- 121.4 YPG (24th); Passing Offense- 277.6 YPG (32nd); Total Defense- 399.0 YPG (32nd).

LAST MEETING: This is the first time the two teams will meet.


WHEN: 12 Noon (CST), Sunday, January 1

WHERE: Monster Park, San Francisco


RECORDS: Texans 2-13; 49ers 3-12

COACHES: Dom Capers (Texans); Mike Nolan (49ers)