Players Who Could Be Available For Texans in 2006 Draft

By Joe Booker
Updated: December 7, 2005

HOUSTON, TX.—It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to realize that the Houston Texans have a lot of needs.

The progress of Chester Pitts at left tackle could eliminate the need for the Texans to take an offensive lineman with the first pick. Very few, if any college lineman could come in and immediately do a better job than Pitts. This does not mean that the Texans should not draft offensive linemen. There could be a good offensive lineman with their second or third pick. They have two picks in the third round.

If the Texans exercise their option and give David $ million they will not be taking a quarterback with the first pick. If Carr is not given an extension, they would take Matt Leinart of Southern California with the first pick. If Vincent Young decides to come out early; they should take him over Leinart. Leinart is not very mobile and would need a good offensive line. Vincent just needs the football.

If the Texans have the first pick and they given him the $8 million, they should take Southern California running back Reggie Bush. Bush is the most exciting player in college football. He can change the course of a game, any time, anywhere on the field.

If their first pick is second or third and Bush is gone, Memphis running back DeAnglelo Williams should be taken. Williams has speed, hands and the ability to take it to the house each time he touches the ball. Some teams are shying away from Williams, because they feel he has not played against elite competition. The same thing was said about Walter Payton and Jerry Rice.

Their next picks should consist of a pass rushing defensive end, linebacker, playmaking wide receiver, offensive tackle, playmaker at cornerback. A quarterback and a tight end that can catch and block with equal facilities.

Players who may be available for the Texans


The Texans first pick will depend on how they finish the regular season.

If they have the first pick: Reggie Bush, running back Southern California.

*DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis, 5-9, 217, 4.47 40 speed. (if Bush is gone)

Other choices:

* Kiwanuka Mathias, DE Boston College, 6-7, 267, 4.6 speed.

* Ferguson D’Brickshaw, OT Virginia, 6-5, 298, 5.26 speed

* Roderique Wright, DT Texas, 5.02 speed;

A. J. Hawk, OLB Ohio State, 4.51 speed.

Williams, like Bush, can take the ball to the house. He could be the playmaker to go with Andre Johnson.


*Thomas Howard, Texas- El Paso, a 6-3, 230 pound linebacker with sprinter (4.4) speed.

*A. J. Nicholson, OLB Florida State, 6-0, 232, 4.67.

*Darryl Tapp, DE Virginia Tech, 6-1, 265, 4.76.

*Andrew Whitworth, OT LSU, 6-7, 326, 5.29.

*Todd Watkins, WR Brigham Young, 6-3, 185, 4.42

*DeMario Minter, CB Georgia, 5-11, 198, 4.43


The Texans have two choices in the third round. Their picks will Depend on how they finish the season. They could have the first, second or third pick in the third round. Their second pick in the third round will be fourth.

*Anwar Phillips, Penn State cornerback, 6-0, 190, 4.4 speed.(He could be the cover guy they need.

*Barry Cofield, DE Northwestern, 6-3, 305, 4.93.

*Keith Ellison, OLB Oregon State, 6-1, 230, 4.70.

*Chijoke Onyenegecha, cornerback Oklahoma, 6-1, 200, 4.4.

*Jarrad Page, SS UCLA, 6-2, 220, 4.59.

*Martin nance, WR Miami(Ohio), 6-4, 215, 4.58

*Jonathan Orr, WR Wisconsin, 6-2, 195, 4.35.

*D’Qwell Jackson, ILB Maryland, 6-1, 226, 4.68.

*Justin London, ILB UCLA, 6-1, 235, 4.78. He could be available in the 4th.

*David Thomas, TE Texas, 6-3, 247, 4.59

After the third round the best athletes available are taken. Some could be:

*Dale Robinson, ILB Arizona State, 6-0, 235,4.78

*D.J. Shockley, QB GeorGIA, 6-1, 205, 4.53

*Barrack Nealy, QB Texas State, 6-4, 212, 4.69

*Brandon Williams, WR Wisconsin, 5-10, 175, 4.49

*Jayson Boyd, WR Texas-El Paso, 6-4, 210, 4.48.

*Joe Toledo, OT Washington, 6-6, 305, 5.10

*Mark Anderson, DT Alabama, 6-4, 255, 4.78

*Nick Collins, CB Bethune Cookman, 5-11, 206, 4.38

*Craig Boley, WR UCLA, 6-1, 196, 4.46

*Adam Bergen, TE Lehigh, 6-4, 259, 4.78

*Airese Currie, WR Clemson, 5-11, 186, 4.49

*Hamza Abdullah, SS Washington State, 6-2, 214, 4.62

*Bristol Olomua, TE Texas Tech, 6-5, 236, 4.66

*Antoine Bethea, FS Howard, 5-11, 190, 4.52

The Texans will have to do a better job of signing free agents. They have failed in this area. There will be some good players that will not be drafted. A good scouting staff will know who those players are.