Morris Gets The Just Lesson He Deserves And UK Should Just Live With It

By Gregory Moore
Updated: December 9, 2005

SAN ANTONIO – “So what kind of lesson should Morris get for being wishy-washy just days before the Hawks were to report to Salt Lake City for the Rocky Mountain Revue? Well I think it all depends on whether or not Morris actually continued being a student at Kentucky. There needs to be an investigation and it needs to dig as deep as possible into what REALLY was going on during Morris’ stint as a draft prospect. Investigators need to contact the Rockets’ personnel, SFX personnel and anyone who was a part of any workouts that Morris took part in. This investigation needs to be so thorough that if Morris comes out smelling like a rose, he at least grasps how serious it is to be in the NBA and his family understands that dreams come at some type of price because nothing is ever truly free in this world.” – As seen on on July 15, 2005.

“LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky’s Randolph Morris had his eligibility restored by the NCAA on Thursday, but the center can’t play until next season as a condition of the reinstatement.

Morris also must repay expenses related to tryouts for NBA teams, the NCAA said in a statement.

The conditions were imposed ‘based on the seriousness of multiple rules violations involving dealings with an agent and accepting expenses to tryout for NBA teams,’ the NCAA said.” Consider this matter closed for the moment but it seems like justice has been dealt to Randolph Morris and his family. Now what the University of Kentucky needs to do is to let this matter drop and move on to a basketball season without him. Or maybe they need to go a little bit further since they were embarrassed earlier this summer. Another part of the lesson Morris should be dealing with is maybe finding someplace else to play because if Tubby Smith and the school were really serious about upholding standards and following rules, Smith would tell Morris, “Son, I wish you well but you are not what the Wildcats are looking for right now. Good luck and goodbye”. But we all know that Smith doesn’t have the balls to do such a tactic. Not if the school is trying to appeal the NCAA’s decision. That’s sad because once again everyone doesn’t learn the lesson.

As many know from previous writings, I am a big proponent of kids honoring their word when they say they will play for an institution and I firmly believe that they should pay the price for not following the guidelines. As many readers know, I am especially hard on African American families because there is no excuse for them not to understand the NCAA guidelines. If they do not have a copy of the Division I manual that I have on my hard drive, then somebody needs to possibly e-mail me, go to and click on the administrative link on that website, or maybe just ask for some help. For anyone to even attempt to e-mail me and say that, “Randolph and his family didn’t know that he couldn’t accept gratuities from the SFX agency and NBA teams”, I will say in no uncertain terms, “bull…. If I knew the rule, they should have known it too”.

It’s all about accountability ladies and gentlemen and these kids want to try and put themselves into the NBA draft or go early in the NFL draft, then find themselves to be basketball vagabonds, I have no sympathy for them. I have none because instead of them listening to Uncle Tookie and Aunt Pookie, they should have been listening to guys like myself and professional talent evaluators who are in the business of looking at athletic talent. Parents and family members don’t have a clue what they should be looking for to even tell a player like Morris if he’s good enough to be a top 30 pick.

When my original article appeared on July 15, I got all kinds of e-mails saying that I didn’t know what I was talking about. Well the latest report from the news wires not only shows that I knew exactly what I was talking about but that maybe it is time for those close to these situations to start educating themselves on NCAA rules and regulations. After all if Morris’ parents really wanted the best for their child, he would have never gone through this past summer thinking he could make it into the NBA and he would be a Wildcat playing this weekend. That’s not going to happen, even as much as I wanted it to in my earlier piece. However at least Randolph and his family will learn part of the lesson here; do not try and cheat the system because you will get burned. Now the next lesson should be for UK to send Morris back home to his parents and forget about him. But I know that’s not going to happen. Kentucky is all about basketball and if they are appealing this decision by the NCAA, then it shows me that they are not about the future academic status of their players; only their play eligibility.

HOUSE OF ROSENHAUS BEGINS TO FALL First Javon Walker now rumors are swirling swirling around that maybe Terrell Owens is about to drop Drew Rosenhaus as his agent. If you will recall, one of the op/eds I wrote was on the fact that if Owens wanted to get back into the league, he needed to drop Rosenhaus because the only thing that agent did for him was get him fired for the rest of the season. I also mentioned that maybe it’s time that Rosenhaus’ client list start doing some evaluating of their own. Agents are not in the business of getting players fired from their jobs. If an agent lets that happen on his watch, then that player needs to get rid of him promptly.

Now granted 98% of the blame goes to Owens because ultimately he is responsible for his own actions but let us not forget, it wasn’t like Rosenhaus was trying to stop him either. It was just the opposite. Instead of Drew doing the ‘fatherly’ thing and holding Owens at bay, he fed Owens’ ego (and his own) and perpetuated a response from the Philadelphia Eagles that many of us writers knew was going to happen. It’s amazing how neither saw this reaction coming when there was a precedent for similar behavior already in place.

So don’t be surprised if there are more defections from the House that Drew built. I’m quite sure that there are some other big name players who are seriously considering not having Drew Rosenhaus represent them and that decision will be solely based on exactly how he handled the Terrell Owens debacle.