Man Among Boys

By Richard Kent
Updated: December 27, 2005

NEW JERSEY—He was a man among boys.No one on Rutgers was going to deny him.His team was a 7 point underdog,had lost two in a row and were playing in one of the toughest arenas in the country.Didn’t matter.Not to Curtis Withers.He led his team to an 85-82 win and if he has his way will lead them to an NCAA bid.

Withers has had tougher challenges in his life.He had a son at the age of 16.Certainly not easy but he has been a very involved father.
The Charlotte forward is 6-8 and 245 pounds.He will play in the NBA.Just ask him.He has been a success at all levels of basketball and won’t stop with his college degree.
As a high school senior Withers was the Charlotte Observer player of the year.He took his game to UNCC and has never regretted it for a minute.
He has played on numerous United States international teams and has led his team to a gold medal.
Last year Withers was the leading scorer on his team at 18.0 ppg.This year he wants those numbers to be higher.he rarely doesn’t score in double figures and double-doubles are the order of the day.
This year in a loss to no. 18 Indiana he led all players on the court with 10 rebounds.
Withers is a senior and is on track to graduate in the spring.He treats his studies with the same seriousness that he treats his game on the court.And he treats all people with respect.That is except opposing players who are trying to stop his imposing style of play at forward for his team.
He has a powerful build and his game is well complemented by a mid range jumper.
Withers team made the jump from C-USA to the Atlantic 10 last year and he welcomes the challenge.Sure Temple,Dayton and Xavier are good.But so is UNCC.He thinks that UNCC will be playing in March.Few would doubt him.Certainly no one on Rutgers.And not anyone playing underneath for the Scarlet Knights.He willed that win on his team and will do that many more times this year.
Watch out for Curtis Withers.Curtis is a gamer.No one who has played with or against him would deny that.