K-State’s Hiring Of Prince Best Example Of A Diverse School

By Gregory Moore
Updated: December 4, 2005

SAN ANTONIO – Although I have never really been a big K-State fan but one thing that I had always admired about the Manhattan, KS program was the fact that head coach Bill Snyder didn’t mind taking chances with kids from some questionable backgrounds and were JuCo schools. Over the many years during Snyder’s tenure he has been able to have some very good players eventually crack the NFL.

Another reason why I admired Snyder’s program was the fact that he had no problem starting an African American in his offense at the quarterback position. Probably the best example of such was Michael Bishop, who eventually had a ‘cup of coffee’ in the NFL a few years back. So when wire stories started appearing that another Black head coach might be hired at the D-1 level, I wasn’t surprised that K-State was going to be the school that does the hiring and the Big 12 would once again be in the spotlight as it has a Black football coach in its conference.

Putting the Black Coaches Association recent hiring report card aside, everyone knows that minority-hiring practices at this level are atrocious. Yet, as many of the readers know from this column, I am also very hard on the fact that not many minorities even take the opportunity to pursue such career choices and thus any ‘report’ card is very skewed to me.

Now with that said, let me say that should Prince become the successor to Snyder, Wildcats’ fans should be primed and ready to see a team that may return the school to some prominent national exposure. While the Cavaliers have been a little down this year in the ACC, Prince’s offense has produced some really nice wins against some Top 25 opponents and those include a win against Florida State and Georgia Tech.

Of course the gauge of success is going to be not this year or next year for Prince but in his third sand fourth seasons, when Snyder’s recruiting efforts are gone and his own are entrenched. As any coach will tell you, a recruiting trip is all about selling the program.

I’m sure that Snyder will help him in the process but I think we will see Prince have a very good run up in Manhattan, KS and I’m quite sure that the Wildcat nation will appreciate the efforts that Prince will bring to the program.

BERNARD HOPKINS…YOUR 15 MINUTES ARE NOW OFFICIALLY OVER Okay can we all now officially say that Bernard Hopkins is retired from boxing? Jermaine Taylor has retained the title in a title defense and it is now time for the boxing world to give aficionados some real caliber fighters. As a matter of fact it is time for the boxers to quit stealing our money and give us quality fights.

Hopkins cried for months that he was robbed but yet what he has done is rob the viewing public of a performance. So Bernard do us all a favor will you, chill in Philly, become a half way decent fight analyst and let someone else with some skill be in the division. Taylor proved at least to me that you don’t have any skills left to take a title and that if you want a third bout, then start working your way back up to the top.

SPEAKING OF AN ATROCITY…THE BOXING WORLD NEEDS TO BE FINED Okay while I was at the Spurs game watching the Philadelphia on Saturday, I heard that one of the worse atrocities happened during the national anthem. R. Kelly tried to turn a national treasure into a sham before the actual sham that went on. I had heard that R. Kelly, in his vane attempt at trying to be hip, sung a bad version of the Star Spangled Banner and I heard that he even tried to get the crowd to put their hands together like they were at a concert.

Okay I have one question Kelly and any idiot who was affiliated with the crap performance of our national anthem: what in the name of Francis Scott Key were you thinking and who in the hell told you to try to hip/hop something that every American reveres?

This is just one more reason why boxing needs to be banned from being called a sport and put into the realm of sports entertainment like wrestling or ultimate fighting. If R. Kelly was truly an American, he would have sung the song the way it was meant to be sung and he wouldn’t have tried to put the spotlight on himself. Yet why should I be surprised by anything that most of these so-called entertainers may do?

I remember my last R. Kelly concert and I felt like I had to take a shower afterwards. The only time Kelly writes and sings something that has meaning is when his behind is facing felony charges or he is being sued. But this goes way beyond an egomaniac trying to capture the spotlight. This goes to the promoter who allowed this mess to happen. The promoter of this fight needs to be fined by the FCC for lewd acts of a performer.

What Kelly did was a lewd act; trying to desecrate the national anthem in his vane attempt of being hip. I say the fine should be a complete reimbursement of $40 to every household that purchased that so-called fight on pay per view. Something should have told the audience that the moment that R. Kelly screwed up the national anthem, the fights on the under/over card weren’t worth much either.

After all, this was a good case of a consumer getting the shaft. Where’s Ralph Nader’s League of Fans organization when we really need them to stick their noses in on our enjoyment?