It Is Time To End The Farce Known As the Great Heisman Chase

By Gregory Moore
Updated: December 5, 2005

SAN ANTONIO – The great farce known as the Heisman is on again and my phone at the office has been ringing off the hook.

“Greg, do you think Vince Young will beat Reggie Bush for the Heisman?” a caller asks.

“Hey G-Mo what do you think about Vince getting shafted by the media again,” somebody else asks me at the barbershop.

Well let me go on record and say that I believe that the Heisman Trophy, as we now it, is a load of crap. This isn’t about a great college player like O.J. Simpson or Archie Griffin. The criteria that used to be able to give us some great college players who turn around and become great NFL players has long been watered down like the drink you get at the two bit dinky bar in the seedy part of town. It’s all about who’s the most popular, who has the most hype and who has the most charisma to become the winner these days. It’s sad to say but I think that college sports have cheapened this once stellar award because we now have so many outstanding athletes who are equally as good as the next person.

Just for my own edification, I decided to print out a statistical sheet on who were top players on the offensive side of the football in college and I got six categories: quarterback rating, rushing yards, receiving yards, passing yards, scoring and interceptions. The printed sheet from gave me the top five players and I want you to do your own subjective voting on who you would consider to be a Heisman winner.

In the QB rating you have Drew Olson (UCLA) at 172.5, Brian Brohm (Louisville) at 166.7, Vince Young (Texas) at 165.0, Brady Quinn (Notre Dame) and Matt Leinart (USC) at 161.9. If you had to pick as a Heisman candidate, whom would you pick? Well If I’m looking objectively at the stats from this category, I take the top two players Olson and Brohm.

Okay let’s look at the rushing yards category. In that category you have Jerome Harrison (Washington State) at 172.7 yards per game, DeAngelo Williams (Memphis) at 172.6, Laurence Maroney (Minnesota) at 135.5, Reggie Bush (USC) at 127.1 and Tyrell Sutton (Northwestern) at 126.4. Again whom do you choose? Well I will say again it would be the top two performers from this category because statistically they are the better college players in the group.

In the receiving yards category I’d take Mike Hass of Oregon State because of his 139.3 yards per game average catching. In the passing yards category it’s Texas Tech’s Cody Hodges at 4,042 yards this season. In the scoring category the best player is Michael Bush of Louisville at 15.8 points and the quarterback with the best interception ratio is Oregon’s Aaron Gipson.

Now I say all that to prove this point: not every media pick is in those categories. You see this voting process is very subjective and it is time that the Heisman folk tell us the truth so that we can quit thinking they are doing the college sports world a tremendous favor. In all sincerity I firmly believe that if the voting was done on a statistical manner, like it probably should, we would get better candidates for the college game and not the next media darlings for the NFL. That’s just my personal opinion on the matter.

Oh just in case you’re wondering, my Heisman winner this year would probably be Brady Quinn if I had a vote. Since we are being subjective voters, I actually think that overall, Quinn has had the better year considering the new coaching change and the fact that his top wide receiver is in the receiving yards category, Jeff Samardziia. But keep this in mind too; I don’t have a vote.

COLORADO NEEDS TO FIRE BARNETT AND FOLLOW K-STATE’S LEAD The swirling waters are moving in Boulder, Colorado. Mork and Mindy can’t put this community on the map because the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes already has done so. Two years of embarrassment because of sex scandal have now matriculated into getting your head handed to you in a national thumping of 70-3 against the Texas Longhorns. However there are rumors that Barnett expects to get a contract extension despite going to the meaningless Champs Sports bowl against Clemson and the fact that in the last two games of this college football season, his team has scored only six points. It is time for the administration at Colorado University to sever ties with Barnett after his last football game. No pomp and circumstance. No parade. Just have him clean out the coach’s office before February and the new recruiting stage comes forth. While they are at it, it is time for maybe the Buffaloes to look at finding somebody who can clean up the program and maybe it is time for them to also follow Kansas State’s lead and hire an African American or Hispanic head coach to that position.

The idea could be ludicrous to some but if I were an alumnus of Colorado, I’d be demanding a change and this would be the best thing for the school to go forth. Diversity should always be a driving force in college athletics but more importantly finding a quality head coach would be crucial at this time and juncture. So here is my short list of coaches that may be able to help the Buffaloes out: Hampton’s Joe Taylor.

Why would Taylor be such a worthy candidate to a program as screwed up as Colorado’s? Because he’s a proven winner in a tough environment. Since Taylor has arrived at that school some fourteen seasons ago, he has won three Black college titles and has guided the program to numerous playoff berths, the latest being the fact that he lost to the University of Richmond this past weekend.

Now maybe that’s not enough ammunition for the Colorado faithful but I ask you, who else can come in and right the sinking ship that Barnett is trying to guide? I don’t really know of anyone. Taylor’s credentials show’s this writer that he is more than capable of leading a big time program and it may be time for him to move into a challenge that would the graduation rates of that school a swell.

In any event, Barnett must go and he needs to go as quickly as possible. If Colorado wants to get any respectability back into the sports world, they would take heed of at least the first suggestion and find a quality coach later. If Taylor isn’t available, find somebody of his caliber. Above everything else though and for the final time in this writing, Gary Barnett needs to be dismissed. He simply is not the solution to the problem anymore.