BASN NFL Picks: Week 16

By Tony McClean
Updated: December 23, 2005
NEW HAVEN, Ct.– Before we get started, all of us here at BASN offer our deepest condolences for the family of Colts head coach Tony Dungy, who tragically lost his 18-year-old son James early Thursday morning.
The fact that this happens just days before Christmas is equally as tragic. No mere words can be said replace such a loss. We can only hope that Coach Dungy’s deep faith will help him and his family during this terrible time.
Coach, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
When the Indianapolis Colts (13-1) travel to Seattle to meet the Seahawks (12-2) this Saturday, it will mark the first regular season game in history in which the two teams playing each other combined for 25 wins.

Cincinnati’s Rudi Johnson’s 12 rushing TDs are just three shy of the team’s single season record for rushing TDs. Who holds the record?
A. James Brooks
B. Boobie Clark
C. Corey Dillon
D. Ickey Woods
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In 1994, Errict Rhett ran for 1,011 yards (7 TDs) becoming the only rookie back in Tampa club history to gain 1,000 yards. He followed that season with a 1,207 season effort in 1995.
LAST WEEK: 9-7 (132-85 overall)
After all these weeks of picking against the Colts, wouldn’t you know that a week when I pick them to win hands down they fall. Apparently the T-Mack Curse is almost as bad as the SI Jinx. However, we did warn you about the Redskins and Bears.
Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image COWBOYS at PANTHERS
What was worse for the Tuna Helpers? Dealing with the bitter loss at D.C. or dealing with Coach Parcells all week. Despite the whupping, Dallas still entertains playoff hopes at they venture to Charlotte. The Panthers made short work of the Saints and are looking to break a four-game regular season losing streak to the Pokes. Their only win during that period came during Carolina’s Super Bowl run a few years ago. With the Panthers’ dreaming of a possible division crown, this may be too much for Dallas to deal with.
Pick: Panthers.
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With both teams’ playoff chances shaky at best, this becomes an elimination game. Both are coming off contrasting road games: The Bolts becames the first team to defeat the Colts while the Chiefs forgot how to tackle (especially Tiki Barber) in a bad loss at the Meadowlands. The Bolts haven’t won back-to-back games at Arrowhead since the late 80′s. I know K.C. is tough at home, but the Chargers appear to be a bit hotter.
Pick: Chargers.
Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image FALCONS at BUCS
Again, another inter-division game with the loser all but getting ready for the golf course. Neither did anything last week to help themselves as Tampa got shutdown by the Pats while the Falcons got dismissed by the Bears. Last month, the Bucs outlasted Atlanta at the Dome. While Chucky’s crew looked awful against the Champs last Saturday, I get the feeling that they’ll rise to the occasion on Saturday.
Pick: Bucs.
Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image GIANTS at REDSKINS
Both teams were impressive in their home wins: the Giants defeated the Chiefs as we mentioned, while the Redskins enjoyed their best day of the season as they thrashed the Tuna Helpers. Much has changed since the Giants blasted the Redskins 36-0 back in October. There’s still a scenario in place that has Washington winning the East. While I think this will be a good, close game, right now Big Blue just appears to be the better team.
Colts over Seahawks: Considering the events of the week, the winner or loser of this game is meaningless.
Bears over Packers: Best headline of the week: Chicago Experiences The Joy Of Rex.
Bengals over Bills: Say what you want about their defense, but Cincy will be a force to be reckoned with during the playoffs.
Patriots over Jets: Shutting out Tampa was impressive, but I’m not convinced that New England is “back”.
Steelers over Browns: The Black and Gold with be black and blue when this is over, but they should get the win.
Jaguars over Texans: Relax, Dom. One more week and you can go fishing……Fishing for a new job that is.
Vikings over Ravens: Baltimore’s offense for the year was used up on Monday night.
Titans over Dolphins: Two teams anxiously awaiting for 2006 to arrive.
Saints over Lions: Could Aaron Brooks be looking at his next employer?
Rams over 49ers: The 12 folks at this game will be thoroughly entertained…..NOT!!!
Eagles over Cardinals: Just getting a chance to watch Fitzgerald and Boldin will make this an entertaining game.
To you and yours: Happy Holidays!!!!!