The UConn Job

By Richard Kent
Updated: November 1, 2005

CONNECTICUT—Tough break. AJ Price goes down for the count and Marcus Williams is still standing for the Big East wars.

Unequal justice you say. Right on the nose. They were both accused of stealing laptop computers at UConn from another student but only one gets the boot. The other, the better player is around for all of the Big East games and even more. The Big East Tournament and maybe the National Championship game. You see UConn is preseason no. 1 and probably will make it to at least the Final Four in April.

What was that phrase? Equal protection under the laws. Not under the laws governing student conduct at UConn. You see it is all about winning at Storrs.

What has happened at UConn. Just a few short years ago it was a basketball power but also a school of integrity. Since then things have changed and they have not been subtle changes. A player has committed to Big East rival St. John’s and all of a sudden he is a Huskie. He de-committed to St. John’s and is going to UConn in the same Conference. Don’t you think that might engender a phone call from Mike Ctranghese to Jim Calhoun or Jeff Hathaway, the athletic director. I would think so. What could Norm Roberts the new St. John’s coach possibly think of that.

It is no secret that Calhoun is not a favorite among Big East coaches. In the past he was not even voted Big East Coach of the Year but ended up being National Coach of the Year. The Big East office changed that and made him Co-Coach of the Year to make it look good.

UConn had it all. And I mean had. A great campus. A growing academic reputation making it the best public university in New England. And the thoughts of another National Championship got in the way. That would be a third men’s National Championship since 1999.

The Huskies will argue that it was all done by the book. That Williams will not be himself until February. That the team will be without a point guard for the trip to Hawaii and will drop from a no. 1 seed to a no. 4 seed nationally at the end of the year because of the losses that it suffers in December.

Hogwash. Neither Price nor Williams should be playing this year. UConn should see if they could win it the right way with mere mortals like Rudy Gay, Josh Boone and Denham Brown all guys that will play in the NBA in the future.

It would be more of a fair fight that way and Connecticut would come out smelling like a rose instead of you know what.