The Dawn Of Something BIG At Temple

By Richard Kent
Updated: November 14, 2005

PHILADEPHIA—65-48.Temple over Michigan.What sport?Football.Impossible.Men’s basketball maybe.But it was women’s basketball.Temple is a Top 20 team.Michigan is not.And there is one reason.Dawn Staley.She is the head coach at Temple.

Staley is no stranger to success.She has three gold medals playing for the United States,the last one in Greece in 2004.She plays in the WNBA and is a star.She played in Europe for years after a 110-21 career at Virginia.

Temple has turned around their women’s basketball Program and it is only because of Staley.She was a brilliant hire and when all is said and done she should lead temple to at least a Final Four.
Staley is in her 6th season at Temple.She was the Atlantic-10 coach of the year in 2003 and 2004.Last year she lost a tight game to Rutgers which would have led her team to the Sweet 16.
She has 3 NCAA appearances since she got to Temple.
It is still not certain whether or not Staley will return to the WNBA next season.Probably not.She almost certainly will concentrate her efforts on coaching and most importantly the recruiting that must be done in the Summer.If Dawn Staley walks into your living room it is tough to say no.
Will she stay at Temple.She played high school ball in Philadelphia and has all of her roots there.But it will be difficult to say no to one job when it opens.Virginia.It is a diamond in the rough and her alma mater.
For the time being she is the Temple coach.And has a great team this year.They should make it to the NCAA’s and then anything can happen.Especially with games that might be played in New Jersey,Connecticut and Boston.So close to home.