Terrell Owens- The Power Of The Spoken Word

By Ayesha Grice, BASN Resident Astrologer
Updated: November 28, 2005

NEW YORK—TERRELL OWENS, a/k/a T.O. the gifted wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles lost his bid to be reinstated as a team member last week as the board of arbitration held up his four game suspension and the plan to make him sit out the rest of the season.While no one can deny that T.O. is extremely talented when he’s playing the game, it apparently is what T.O. does in the locker room or says when the mike is in front of him that brought on this seemingly harsh punishment.

If, you’re an Eagle’s fan, or just a casual observer (like me), you’re probably wondering how in the world this could happen. T.O.’s athletic talent puts him at the top of profession, so why is it that the Eagles are willing to pay him to sit on the sidelines, rather than to let him help them win?

I took a look at his astrological chart to get a better understanding from a Cosmic perspective.

Oops! There it was, staring me in the face. T.O. was born when the Sun was in Sagittarius, the sign that says “I Perceive”, or “Tell The Truth and Shame the Devil”. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and joy, can make a person extremely generous, happy go lucky, a philosopher, or preacher, or seeker of Truth.

On the flip side, the Jupiter connection could be the one that teaches T.O. when to quit, how far to go, when to speak or when to be quiet. The misuse of Jupiter’s energy could inspire the individual to be extremely judgmental, overly critical and willing to say what ever comes up in their minds, without thinking of the consequences.

Yes, Terrell seems to have that Sagittarian “foot in mouth” disease. But, the funny thing is, once it’s said, T.O.’s typical Sagg attitude is to forget about it and move on. However the target of his ill thought out words are usually left gagging and

grasping for air. (he said what?)

T.O was born on Friday, December 7, 1973. The Sun, planet of individual will and Neptune, planet of dreams are both in Sagittarius.

The harmonious aspect (trine) from Mars, planet of action in Aries, shows his talent for running (and catching), his competitive nature, his ego, his love of the game. In fact, T.O.’s athletic abilities could have been channeled into other sports, where running is important.

But we had to look at Mercury, the planet of communications to get a deeper understanding of why T.O.’s words are sometimes inappropriate. Mercury is the planet that shows how we think and speak. T.O.’s Mercury is in Scorpio, the deeply passionate water sign that says “I Desire”. By itself, Mercury in Scorpio is added fuel that creates the desire to win. However, Mercury has a dynamic aspect (square) to Jupiter in Aquarius. Being born a Sagg is bad enough, but when Mercury is squared by Jupiter…look out! He not only has the drive to tell it like it is, but Jupiter and Mercury doesn’t give him a sense of timing… “ should I say it now or wait for a more appropriate time”… never seems to register in his mind.

To add to the mix, T.O.’s Moon is in Taurus, the fixed earth sign that says “I Have”. With Moon in the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac, saying “I’m sorry” is not exactly one of T.O.’s favorite things to do. His Moon is opposite his Mercury. Mood swings are something that T.O. has had to deal with since birth.

Moon in Taurus people have a love of money and fine things. No matter how much money T.O. makes, it’s probably not enough.

Many of his disputes were involving salary and appreciation for his talents. What he’s learning on the spiritual tip is that money and things are temporary, while relationships with people have a longer lasting effect on his life, and his ability to be successful.

While what T.O. said was probably no more than what any other “star” player might have said to confidants, or under their breath, his words were a little less than subtle, and full of criticisms and judgments. The divisive nature of his words and the build up of tensions created a situation where Coach, Andy Reid, reacted with sanctions that could ruin his career. It was a build up that was a long time coming. Incidentally Andy Reid is a Pisces…laid back, but when his back is against the wall, he comes out with force. He needed to let T.O. know who was boss, and also to send a message to others that you will feel the wrath if you step over the line.

T.O.’s latest outbursts came when Mars, the outgoing planet of action was going over his Moon in Taurus. Wowee! He could have benefited by getting a chart done. Any astrologer would have advised him to take a wait and see attitude. So they didn’t celebrate his latest milestone, 100 touchdown catches. That’s what kicked off the latest tirade, and he didn’t just say it to a friend or confidant, he said it to a reporter, then got into a fight in the locker room afterwards.

Poor T.O. he just doesn’t get it. For me, most trained athletes these days are working on a plantation. Yeah I said it. And wage slaves need to know their place, or get sent down the river. T.O.’s lack of sensitivity in knowing the power of the spoken word, and not knowing how the system works might have put him in a position where he’ll no longer be working…at least for this season. He needs to know that although he is talented and gifted, there are too many other wantabee wage slaves just waiting to take his place. Lastly, he must understand that he chose a team sport to display his talents and his karma is to learn how to work harmoniously with others.

While he’s sitting out the rest of this season, maybe when Mars moves into Leo, this summer, he’ll get picked up by another plantation, I mean team.

In the meantime, his Neptune in Sagg, could be the way out. He needs to take some time, to meditate, reflect and get some good counsel. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, dreams and visions, divine creativity on one hand, and chaos and confusion on the other hand. The choice is his, but choice there must be. Perhaps this “down” time will give him a golden opportunity to take responsibility for his words, and at least pick up a book on The Power of The Spoken Word.