Dysfunctional Behavior: Who Is To Blame?

By Joe Booker
Updated: November 10, 2005

HOUSTON, TX.—Dysfunctional behavior among athletes seems to be the norm. Who is to blame? It has to start at home. The way kids are raised; often determines what kind of character they will have when they become adults. Remember the old adage? Spare the rod and spoil the child. Too many kids are spared the rod and the results often turn them into dysfunctional creatures.

Special treatment in middle and high school hurts more than it helps

If a middle or high school student is a superb athlete, he will often get special treatment that most students will not get. If a kid is an outstanding high school athlete, his grades will often be changed from failing to passing. In most situations, it is almost a taboo to fail an outstanding athlete. If the star athlete breaks rules, sometimes the coach will look the other way. This is when young athletes began to feel that they are above the game.

Yes, this is when and often where the dysfunctional behavior starts.

Some Colleges will take any athlete, despite his behavior

If a high school athlete has outstanding talent, some college coaches will ignore his dysfunctional behavior. All some coaches want from athletes is production on the field or court. What happens off the court does not matter. It is winning at all cost.

This is often the second stage of athletes’ dysfunctional behavior. It is also when the star athlete begin to feel he is above the game and sometimes above the law.

The media contributes to athletes above the game attitude

The media that continue to write or talk about how great an athlete is, regardless of the athlete’s behavior, contributes to the athletes feeling that they are above the game and sometimes above the law. It appears some media adores athletes that have dysfunctional behavior.

Dysfunctional behavior is becoming the norm in professional sports

We live in another era. Sometimes I feel that some of those athletes with dysfunctional behavior are from another planet. I have come to realize that in this era, dysfunctional behavior is becoming the norm in professional sports. In today’s society, almost everything is accepted.

Hey, what’s wrong with jumping up and dancing after making play like a monkey would do when excited? What’s wrong with running up in the stands and being patted on the back like a dog likes having done to him when he has done something good?

Texans took right stand on Owens

I am not surprised that Bob McNair, the owner of the Houston Texans took thumbs down on WR Terrell Owens becoming a Texans, if Owens is released by the Eagles.

McNair is a man of class and he showed it with his stand against a person like Owens.

NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown said that Owens is too selfish and only thinks about himself.

Owens has great talent as a receiver, but he is not above the game and his disruptive behavior is not worth having on a team. However, there will be some desperate teams that will sign Owens. They too, will become his victim.