College Basketball’s Top 15

By Richard Kent
Updated: November 10, 2005
1.UConn-the top coach and player reside in Storrs.That would be Jim Calhoun and Rudy Gay.Suffice it to say that this will be Gay’s last year in Storrs and he wants to win a National Championship.So do Josh Boone and Hilton Armstrong.That is an NBA frontcourt.But the backcourt will determine whether UConn can win it al.That is when suspended point guard Marcus Williams is eligible in January.
2.Duke-JJ Reddick can shoot it.Can he create his own shot.Only time will tell.The frosh are great.So is the coach.
3.Michigan State-Tom Izzo has a few more national Championships in him.Paul Davis is a really great one at 6-11.He can shoot,rebound and pass.He might be Big Ten Player of the Year.
4.Louisville-Rick Pitino has a new League but the same quality talent.Taquan Dean is a great shooter.David Padgett from Kansas will make a difference.Juan Palacious is tough.
5.Arizona-they almost won the national Championship last year.Maybe they should have.They had a melt down.Hassan Adams is back.So are 4 other players who played more than 15 mpg.This is a veteran team.
6.Texas-Rick Barnes has Daniel Gibson.That is reason enough to say that the Longhorns will compete for it all.So are Brad Buckman and PJ Tucker.The frosh are good.
7.NC State-Ilian Evtimov is a throwback player.One of those 1950 types.The senior is from Bulgaria.But he should be an All-American.Tony Bethel and Cameron Bennerman can play too.They can win the ACC.
8.Oklahoma-This football school can also play basketball.With the best of them.Taj Gray is unstoppable.If he avoids foul trouble this team can be very good.Final Four good.
9.Stanford-This can be a Final Four team.Chris Hernandez is a point guard who almost went the NBA route last year.Lucky for the Cardinal that he did not.They are the best on the West Coast.
10.BC-Craig Smith may be a little bit undersized but he can play.He will be in the ACC this year and they will find out about him on tobacco row.Al Skinner will make sure of that.
11.Villanova-They very well might have won it all if Curtis Sumpter had not gotten hurt.But Jason Fraser will pick up the slack.So will Randy Foye.Jay Wright has a great squad here.
12.West Virginia-Kevin Pittsnogle may have been the biggest surprise in the country last year.Mike Gansey may be this year.Patrick Beilein can shoot.This team can surprise.
13.Memphis-John Calipari may be in the wrong League but he has talent.Darius Washington is a great guard.They will win many close games with his outstanding and stealth like shooting.
14.Gonzaga-this is not the old Gonzaga.This is a national contender year in and year out.Adam Morrison would start for anyone.This is no mid-major.
15.Wake Forest-Yes another ACC team.Eric Williams will play for any NBA team.Skip Prosser is a top coach.It is time for him to be recognized nationally.