A Good SID Plays A Key Role In Black Colleges Sports Image

By Joe Booker
Updated: November 8, 2005

HOUSTON, TX.—A good sports information director (SID) plays a key role in the image of black college sports. In fact, other than the Coach, it maybe the most important position in the athletic department—in relations to displaying the image of the school.

The main role of the SID department is to provide a service.

I feel that I can speak on this subject with some authority. I was a college sports information director for some 10-plus years at Prairie View

I was lucky. I had Collie Nicholson, the former great sports information director at Grambling as my mentor. With Collie as my mentor, I learned how important a sports information director could be to a college. It was important to take care of the media—no matter how small or large. Good people skills were a must. I had another advantage. I had been a high school coach; therefore, I could look at the game in a broader prospective

I credited Collie’s mentorship for my being voted the first and only black President of the National Association of Intercollegiate Sports Information Directors Association. At that time, all black colleges were members of the NAIA.

Collie and I spent a lot of time working together, when we would travel in advance of the teams, to promote games in Chicago, Washington, D.C., the Cotton Bowl and the Astrodome.

Most importantly, I worked for a President (Dr. Alvin I. Thomas) and a supervisor (the late Dr.C.A.Wood), who gave me the support and resources I needed to do a good job.

Dr. Thomas personally hired me. I became the first full-time sports information director at a black college.

As I travel, and deal with sports information directors at various black colleges, I am a little disappointed in the job some are doing. I am not sure if it is, because they don’t know what to do, they are lazy or if they are in the wrong field.

When a college hires an SID, the college should look for some of the same qualities that they look for in other key employees. Some black colleges will fill the position with anyone that is available or who will work at a low salary.

With the advancement in technology, it is easier for SIDS to publicize their schools. The only excuses for not doing a good job are—not knowing and lazy.

As a sports writer, I try to help promote black college athletics. How successful I am, depends on the help I get from black college sports information directors.

I will list some of the black college sports information directors throughout the nation, that I have had good success with in various categories. The results are not very encouraging.


  • Prairie View, Texas Southern and Grambling., South Carolina State


  • South Carolina State


South Carolina State, Mississippi Valley


* Prairie View, Texas Southern, Mississippi Valley, Southern, Mississippi Valley


* Florida A&M