Is The National Media Making Owens Bigger Than The Game?

By Joe Booker
Updated: October 2, 2005

HOUSTON — If Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens feels that he is bigger than the game of football you may want to blame the national media that give him so much attention. Does the continued national attention of Owens by the national media make him feel he is bigger than the game? The TV commentators talk about Owens as if he is God and some seem to worship him.

Some media seem obsessed by dysfunctional behavior of athletes

It appears to me that the more dysfunctional athletes are the more some of the national media adore them. Forget how dysfunctional athletes behavior is some media seem obsessed and appear to adore them. I truly believe if the famed bank robber Jesse James was living today and was robbing banks and he was an outstanding athlete, he would be the darling of some in the national media.

Even when Owens is on the sidelines the camera stays on him almost as much as it does with what’s happening on the field. Some media along with fans get caught up with their obsessing of being around athletes. It seems to make them feel good about themselves. I have always looked at it as a job. Maybe that is why I never cared about autographs that were not on a check.

Owens gets more attention than Jerry Rice ever got

Jerry Rice may go down as the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game, but despite all of Rice’s accomplishments and record-setting performances, he has never gotten the attention that Owens now gets.

Rice has been too good of a person on and off the field to not be adored by some media as Owens has been. Marvin Harrison of the Colts will never be admired by some media as Owens, because Harrison carries himself too gentlemen –like. The late Chicago Cubs manager Leo Durocher once said, “nice guys finish last.”

My opinions about Owens is not personal

My opinions about Terrell Owens are not personal. I don’t dislike Owens; I just don’t like his behavior. I am not like most media, I am old school. I believe the game should be played with character. An athlete like Owens is one reason I never felt that athletes should be role models just because they are athletes.

I have always felt that role models should be parents or someone close to kids and not a person they only see on TV. This gives them false hope. I also realize that in today’s society it is difficult to find a role model in any profession. Maybe that is why kids turn to athletes as role models.

Celebrating by athletes is not necessary

Celebrating by athletes after a score or a big play is not necessary. They are paid big bucks to perform on a higher level. It is their job. I look at it as a sign of immaturity. I always admired athletes like Barry Sanders who gave the ball back to the officials after a score and went back to the bench without any fanfare. Maybe it was how Sanders was raised.