An Open Letter To Warrior’s Robert Mittleman and Members Of The Assn. Of Boxing Commisions

By Elissa Harrison
Updated: October 25, 2005

(L) Robert Mittleman, 
Jason Penley, Leon Margules

(L) Robert Mittleman, Jason Penley, Leon Margules

FLORIDA–Hello, Jason (Penley), how are you? Hope you are well…

It has been brought to my attention that you made a comment to the effect that you didn’t think I would go on record regarding the phone calls I recently received from convicted felon Robert Mittleman.

I am hereby letting you and the rest of the Commissions and their respective members know that I am going on RECORD stating the following facts.

  • A person who identified himself to me as Robert Mittleman, and whom I believe to be Robert Mittleman, called me this past week to inquiry if a fighter who I advise would be interested in fighting Edison Miranda at the Warrior’s boxing card being held October 21st.

  • The person who identified himself as Robert Mittleman stated that the fight would pay $8000 and to let him know if the fighter would be interested. My reply was ok, I will get back to you, and I truly was hoping he would just move on and lose my number, but obviously his cockiness would not allow it.

  • A second call was made to my cellular, in which Mittleman even brought in a third party, (supposedly a concert pianist from NY who has an extensive library of fights).That man’s name is Bela Szilagvi, aka Captain Video, who resides at 611 W 37th St. Apt. 53 in New York, NY 10031. I let them charge my card in order to get a tape of Emerson Miranda fighting Sam Reese. (Miranda being the house-fighter who would have faced my fighter).

In case you are wondering why I went along, I did it because: a) I was wondering how far would Mittleman carry on the charade and b) because I wanted to have proof of what was being proposed to me.

I brought this matter to your attention, Jason, when you called me to indicate your displeasure at something I had written in my report of the Tarver – Jones fight that had taken place a week prior. To be honest, I was upset when you asked ME why was I talking to Mittleman? Well, Jason, let’s try this, because he called ME. Let’s keep in mind that Elisa Harrison was not convicted of throwing fights. I believe it was Robert Mittleman, so who shouldn’t be calling who?

As a convicted felon, Mittleman should not be licensed in any capacity in boxing, and if my research is correct, a license Mittleman once held in Illinois was revoked following his conviction.

To take it a step further, I believe that Tim Lueckenhoff, (President of the ABC), notified all the Commissioners and Commissions regarding Mittleman, cautioning one and all as to the possibility, however remote, that Mittleman would apply for a license in any state. If I am not mistaken, the consensus was that he should not be licensed in any capacity in the sport of boxing.

Why then is Mittleman soliciting fighters on behalf of Warrior’s Boxing? Warrior’s matchmaker, Chico Rivas, knows who I am, and certainly my web site, (now rated by at #7 among Internet news organizations) is no secret to Warrior’s Boxing. My e-mail address is listed on the web site, and my phone number is not hard to find. So, why is Robert Mittleman calling ME about a fighter? Moreover, why isn’t the Commission looking into this with the same fervor with which I was asked why was I talking to this convicted felon?

It is my understanding, that if a promoter sub-contracts someone like Mittleman as a ‘booking agent/matchmaker,’ an unlicensed man with a serious conviction on his record for throwing fights no less, that promoter’s company should be penalized to some degree since basically what they are doing is circumventing the law, which constitutes a misdemeanor. If my research is correct, the promoter’s license should then be in jeopardy, and the wheels should begin turning, and fast!

I don’t believe that has been the case here. And if the snail pace was in any way related to doubts as to whether I would step forward and tell the truth as I know it, regarding Mittleman calling me and propositioning a fighter I know, on behalf of Warrior’s Boxing, then, here it is, now you have it in black and white.

Things did not stop there, though. Shortly after I spoke with you, Jason, Mittleman called me again. He asked if I had spoken with you about him, and I told him yes I had. He said, and I quote… “You are a horrible person; here I am trying to help your fighter get a money fight…” I interrupted him at this point, and said, and I quote… “Robert, cut the bullshit, and please don’t do me any favors. This kid has 31 professional fights, and he is hardly in need of a convicted felon such as yourself helping him find fights. I know that you know that I know who you are and what you are; I have written about you and your conviction, so, please, I’m going to ask you again, LOSE MY NUMBER!, we are not interested.” CLICK.

You would think that was the end, but Mr. Mittleman was not done harassing me. He called again and left a message saying: ‘You are a horrible individual and you are going to die a horrible death, the worst kind of cancer anyone can get, and this is not over yet…” End of message.

I must confess that I am impressed with Mr. Mittleman’s many talents. Not only does he fix fights and gets a very light slap on the wrist for the one infraction he owned up to, but he also works behind the scenes for high profile promoters without being properly licensed, and, now it seems he is also in charge of dishing out cancer dosages to those who stand up to him. What an impressive résumé!

Pedro Fernandez’s article entitled ‘MITTELMAN, THE “SNITCH” PROSPERS! WHY?’, posted October 8th on Pedro’s well known web site,, indicates that Mittleman’s attorney, Alvin Enton, who reportedly worked out Mr. Mittleman’s deal with the U. S. Justice Department is also a member of the Florida Athletic Commission. Conflicts, anyone?

To make it even more interesting, and according to Mr. Fernandez, Mr. Enton was a business partner of attorney Leon Margules, who jumped ship from Team Freedom Promotions to become Warrior’s Boxing Executive Director just a few weeks ago. When recently asked Leon why he made the move, Mr. Margules responded: “I think that the commitment that the Seminole Tribe of Florida has for boxing and the opportunity with that kind of backing to try and build a promotional company was something that one could only dream about. Of course, they’re being fairly reasonable with me compensation-wise as well, so it just made a lot of sense.”

I rest my case, hoping that something will be done about these conflictive and very unethical situations. By the way, all of the above has been duly reported to Mr. Ron Byrne, who supervises Mittleman’s Probation Officer. Mr. Byrne works out of the U.S. Probation Office in Chicago, Illinois and has expressed a great interest in the underhanded activities Mr. Robert Mittleman continues to engage in, including issuing threats to writers like myself and others, and acting in a capacity for which he is not licensed. Mr. Byrne is considering bringing Middleman back in front of a judge and I can only hope they revoke his probationary period, and ban him from boxing forever. Let the cleansing of the sport of boxing begin…

Elisa Harrison