A “Kozy” Corner Was Also The Scene For A Great Tailgate Party

By Gregory Moore
Updated: October 5, 2005

SAN ANTONIO — A big to do was made about the City of San Antonio allowing ‘tailgating’ at the Alamodome parking lot. H.E.B. and other big time corporate sponsors were in that parking lot this past Sunday trying to give the rest of the nation a taste of what would be the normal fare if this city ever had the chance to have an NFL team.

A big to do was made about the tailgating that went on at the Alamodome but many from the Black community had their own successful tailgate party and they did it at one of this city’s most recognized watering holes; Tucker’s Kozy Corner.

Over the years I’ve been to several tailgating events and I can tell you that each one is as unique as the next. However this past Sunday’s event at the corner of Cherry and E. Houston is in a class by itself because it brought many of the Black community’s members together for a few hours and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The fare for the event ranged from shrimp kabobs and hot links to wild game like deer sausage and even cabrito or as the gringos call it; goat. The camaraderie by everyone in attendance was more than spectacular and the fact that everyone had a good time is a testament as to what this segment of the community could do when rallied together.

You would be very hard pressed to not think that on this city’s Eastside nobody cares about football or its traditions. This past Sunday’s event at Tucker’s proved many skeptics wrong on that day. The event was so successful that the organizers are looking to do again on Oct. 16th.

By the way if anyone is wondering just how this event was put together it came under the true premise of what tailgating is: bring your favorite meats, share what you have with the common community, drink and be merry. Not only was this premise met; it was exceeded beyond all notions from those who put it together.

From this standpoint it was just good seeing a bunch of members from the Black community not only getting along but sharing their food with others. It is something that will continuously be in my mind.

TIME AGAIN FOR HOOPS Basketball season just days away now. Well Spurs fans get ready for another interesting season as the San Antonio Spurs’ media kicked off this past Monday. This officially marks when training camp usually begins and for the defending champs, their camp will be in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Spurs’ roster is pretty much stocked with the players they are going to keep on their roster. The additions of Michael Finley and Nick Van Exel over the summer just add to the depth that the team already had. Gone is fan favorite Devin Brown, who signed a deal with the Utah Jazz.

Also, Tony Massenburg and Glenn Robinson are not with the team either. This should be an interesting camp as Tim Duncan will be ‘home’ and many members of the team will get to see paradise for the first time while preparing for the upcoming seasons.


Should Prairie View field a football team? Which school has the better football program, Prairie View or Texas College? At this stage of the football season, little Texas College is the better college team with a 3-2 record that includes beating Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. PVA&M is 1-2 with their latest lost coming against Grambling last Saturday.

So why does Prairie View and many other HBCUs have football programs? Are many of these schools really even competitive at the NAIA level if they were not at the Div. 1AA NCAA level? Should these schools consider dropping down to the lesser divisions where the budgetary regiments are not so strict?

The argument could be made that maybe PV and other less successful schools need to either drop down a level or drop the football program altogether. Now maybe that last suggestion would seem to be a little harsh but considering the fact that Texas College hadn’t been a competitive football program in 43 years, one has to wonder why they could beat an HBCU like CAU and yet PV continues to struggle.