Racial Profiling Not Limited To Black Drivers

By Joe Booker
Updated: September 2, 2005

Bill Lester

Bill Lester

HOUSTON, TX.—Are black athletes that get into trouble profiled more than non black athletes that get into trouble? Do we have racial profiling in athletics? Racial profiling is not limited to black drivers. Just ask blacks that have been evacuated to Houston because of Katrina. Ask black athletes who get into trouble if they are profiled more than non blacks that get into trouble.

We know that doors have been opened for blacks who have outstanding athletic skills that are not open for non black athletes.

When the civil rights bills were passed allowing blacks to attend any college he or she wished, black athletes did not have problems. Had James Meredith been a black athlete, he would not have had to have an escort to enter Ole Miss.

Black athletes that moved here because of Katrina will not have any problems going to the school of their choice. You can be assured that some of those recruiters from shoe companies will help certain coaches get the prize black athletes. Outstanding black athletes will not have any problems attending high profile athletic programs once the recruiters find out who they are and where they are.

Black Houston would like to know if racial profiling has been used by TV stations in Houston. The majority of people who have been forced to move to Houston because of Katrina that have been interviewed have been blacks. It is still the same old thing. The media like to profile blacks who are struggling. What happened to the non blacks that were hit by Katrina? Were blacks the only race that has been affected by Katrina?

Only a few whites have been showing on TV and interviewed. Where are they housing most of the non blacks? Are they separating blacks and whites?

I have seen whites interviewed who have gotten good jobs and shown in positive manner. Why haven’t blacks been shown in that same positive manner? Are all blacks that have been forced to move to Houston struggling? Why aren’t successful blacks that have been forced to move to Houston been shown?

It is time for black athletes to come to their senses and realize that they are liked by most fans because of their athletic skills. Just because they are been shown a lot of love does not mean they are a member of the family.

Most blacks are too afraid to lose their endorsements to speak out or take a stand against racism. Why haven’t we seen such high-profile athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal speak out against racism?

At least O’Neal has gone to Baton Rouge to help out. How many other black athletes have come to the aid of those in need? How many will come to the aid of those that are in need without the benefit of the TV camera?

I have always said that all the laws in the world cannot legislate racism and racial profiling. Black athletes like Terrell Owens, Ricky Williams and Randy Moss get more coverage by the media than athletes like Barry Sanders who is the President of a bank and does a lot of good things. Magic Johnson gets coverage when he is in the city, but all the good things he does are come close to the coverage that Owens, Williams and Moss get.

I read where Owens has a radio show. Why doesn’t Donovan McNabb have a radio show? It appears that black athletes that allegedly have dysfunctional behavior are adored by most of the major media and fans.

You can place athletes like Owens and Moss in the category racial profiling. Very little has been said lately about the behavior of Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers or race car driver Jimmy Johnson. However, there is continued negative news about Owens, Moss and even Barry Bonds.

I have never seen anything like the alleged racial profiling of blacks forced to move to Houston, because of Katrina like I have seen in Houston by local TV stations.

Hey, racial profiling isn’t limited to blacks driving cars.