New Orleans, Milton and Other Things

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: September 3, 2005

Front PageLOS ANGELES, CA.—I was just going to comment on Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Milton Bradley and his never ending saga that has more twists and turns than any soap opera.

I will get back to Milton, but right now I want to talk about the city of New Orleans.

As an airline employee, I can go on a flight to anywhere for a weekend trip at a moment’s notice.

Two years ago, I made a trip to the Crescent City, New Orleans in the middle of July, and yeah, it was hot as hell, but it was my first trip there.

The first things I noticed about the city was the great food, the friendliness of the people, how happy they were and being a sports fan, who gosh darn BIG the superdome looks close up.

I even took a picture of it from the Super Shuttle van window as I was sitting in the front seat, next to the driver, who was more than happy to tell me about his city.

I was planning to go back to N.O. for Thanksgiving.

Not now.

I look at my picture of the Superdome, and like the World Trade Center, I have sad thoughts of what it looks like now.

Seeing what’s happened to the city really makes me sad and very, very angry.

Sad because New Orleans and good times go hand in hand.

I’m very angry because in this country, American people should be able to get help from their government in a New York minute.

I hate that newspeople are calling the people “refugees.”

Sorry, those are Americans, even if they are poor and minorities.

If we can get help to people overseas, why not here?

Doesn’t charity begin in the United States?

Let’s stop saying the people of New Orleans should have known this was going to happen and they should have been better prepared.

Don’t criticize until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

While the situation in New Orleans is tragic,and the city will heal itself, I don’t know if I can say the same thing about one Milton Bradley.

Forget about the incident with Jeff Kent, Bradley has problems BEFORE he got to Los Angeles.

So what if Jeff Kent doesn’t relate to African Americans- many of us African Americans can relate to other African Americans either.

Bradley was sent to anger management classes last year by the Dodgers, maybe he ought to go back for a refresher course.

It hasn’t helped.

Forget about Kent, who has issues with everybody, not just African American players, Bradley may be a good player, but off the field, he’s like a ticking timebomb ready to explode any minute.

His latest outburst was against his wife, who just happens to be pregnant.

It was reported in the papers here in Los Angeles that police were called to his house on three occassions in one month for domestic violence against his wife.

The fact that mrs. bradley didnt press charges doesnt matter, you don’t put your hand on a woman, especially if she’s pregnant.

Some of you are saying, “Oh that’s just the white media making a brother look bad.”

Sorry, wrong answer.

Bradley is doing a fine job of making his own self look bad without any help from anyone.

And some of you wouldn’t be saying that if Monique Bradley were your sister, daughter, or granddaughter.

You wouldn’t care if Bradley were a professional athlete making more money than you’ll ever see in your life- you’d be ready to kick his sorry ass to kingdom come.

Bradley needs help and it’s high time he realizes it and stop bringing up the race card whenever he’s in a situation he created himself.