Letter To The Editor: Agent Of Doom

By Arthur D. Gamble
Updated: September 6, 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA.—As a Black consultant that has worked in sports and business, I offer some insight. In my opinion, given the context Maurices Claretts deal with the Broncos was one of the worst in recent NFL history!

As a player unfamiliar with the business side of the NFL you cant expect Maurice C, Terell Owens or Ricky Williams to handle the responsibility the agent signed up for, to provide appropriate professional business advice. I hear that all three of these young men are good people tremendous athletes and often misunderstood. They needed help navigating the business world of the NFL.

It can be stated that Mike Feldman Claretts agent failed to meet appropriate professional standards. One must ask and examine the agents actions, comments, business acumen and logic. Others might question his motivation ethics.

It is necessary for the informed Black press to bring these issues to the forefront and call these so called super agents to task. Tell the broader media to run this story like they did the one about Agent Jerome Stanley.

I only blame the player from thinking that the Ice is Colder if the agents are from the other side of the tracks.

It could be asked whether there was a breach of fiduciary duty.

In no way was the clients best interest served in this case Mr. Clarett was not looked out for.

It is unfortunate that when selecting representatives young Black Athletes mistakenly believe that other agents can or will look out for their long term best interest better than qualified and concerned representatives that share similar backgrounds and experiences as they do.

At a minimum most Black representatives are aware of the sensitivities and the context in which the Black Athlete live in everyday society and deal with their community.

Dealing with the Agent That Maurice selected and his choices have cost Mr Clarette well over $400,000+ it may have cost him a career in the NFL.

It could be argued that Steve Feldmen and his representatives advice has cost a few Black Football Players a great deal of money I cant see why anyone would seek the advice and representation he offered.

Continued success