Changing Places

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: September 2, 2005

Hall Of Famer, Bobo Brazil

Hall Of Famer, Bobo Brazil

NEW JERSEY—-Well, in a year that gives surprises all over the place, it looks like the two main wrestling companies will be changing addresses in the very near future.

Starting October 3rd, the WWE will be moving from Spike TV back to its original home, the USA Network. A very peculiar move by Vince McMahon and the WWE, being that any move with this kind of risk involved would absolutely have to do with money. More specifically, who’s getting most of it, and for how long. All the same, the WWE did enjoy their glory days in the Monday Night Wars against WCW. Although those kind of ratings(somewhere in the 7’s) will never return, perhaps something better could come out of this.

After all, it was Vince and the World Wrestling Federation that put USA Network on the cable TV map many moons ago. You could say it the other way around, as well. USA was the birthplace for the WWE’s #1 show, Monday Night Raw, which launched in 1993. So, a lot of good can come through this, but everybody will have to sift through the risk first.

Speaking of risk, that brings us to NWA-TNA. As a lateral move, they will be going from their safe have on Fox Sports Net to the aforementioned Spike TV.

TNA will still not go head to head with WWE, as they will be featured on Saturday nights at 11PM. Apparently, they will still have their monthly pay-per-views, but with the TV move, can they sustain the momentum they have gained in the past 3 years? Will signing lower tier WWE castoffs be enough to keep their engine running? They are going to need just as much hard work and dedication as they ever have to stay in the game.

What does this mean for viewers of pro wrestling? Not a whole lot, really. For the most part, fans are pretty loyal in one form or another. Unless something in the actual programming drastically changes, the audience won’t. So, the suits at Titan Tower in Connecticut and in Tennessee should not be worried. Maybe as fans, we should be. That’s for another day, though.