Capital Ties Scores Knockout With New Muhammad Ali Neckwear

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: September 13, 2005

NEW YORK — A tribute to the legendary heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali was issued Monday in the form of neckties, bow ties and formal wear by Capital Ties, a New York company.

“It is a simple repeat of boxing gloves, butterflies and bees,” said Stuart Hotchkiss, designer and owner of Capital Ties.

Everyone gets its meaning and says that it is very fashionable, which suits Hotchkiss who prides himself on coming up with clever designs that work with and without making a statement.

Hotchkiss got the idea from Mr. Ali’s famous catch phrase float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Figuring out whether or not the design would only appeal to boxing enthusiasts came after several months of test marketing.

“I’m very happy to report that men from every walk of life – doctors, stock brokers, boxing judges and Texas oilmen – have not only purchased the ties, but also say its their favorite one.”

In his advertising copy for the Muhammad Ali neckwear, Hotchkiss writes that Mr. Ali is one of the most remarkable human beings and greatest sportsmen of our time. Adds Hotchkiss, “It will be the greatest honor to me if Mr. Ali will find an occasion to wear the tie I have created in his honor.”

Capital Ties neckwear is made in the U.S.A. from 100 percent imported silk twill fabric. Neckties measure 58 inches long and 3 3/4 inches wide.

Bow ties are 2 1/2 inches high in the classic butterfly shape and must be tied. Ladies fashion scarves are 36 inches square with hand-rolled edges.

Select neckwear is currently being distributed to 28 leading mens clothing and specialty stores across the United States. All neckwear can be viewed and purchased online at Capital Ties offers a host of fun and fashionable neckwear paying tribute to great American and world-renowned personalities, themes and landmarks.

Designs include Tour de Lance, Golf Animals, Jacket and Jug (golf), America’s Cup, Fred Astaire, Wimbledon, The Donald, Virginia is for Lovers, Eiffel Tower, Hook ’em, Triple Crown and Socks and Buddy.