Barry Bonds: The Soul of Power

By Michael Tillery
Updated: September 22, 2005

BondsDELAWARE — Is this seriousl happening? Why are people surprised? Is seventy-three really that much more than sixty-one?

If you take away all the player hater walks, even the most ridiculous Bonds critic will admit-albeit under his envious breath-that Barry would have obliterated any remaining home run record a long time ago.

Can this man be this good? Quick! Somebody pinch him to see if he’s human! He has homered four times in twenty at bats. Wait! It’s four times in twelve at bats. That’s sick!

Do you really think Barry is taking steroids now? Hand eye coordination has absolutely nothing to do with strength. How many times has Barry hit over .350?

I applaud Frank Robinson for having the old school decency to pitch to the man even when his team is immersed in a pennant race. Bonds has walked five times in twenty-eight plate appearances. He hasn’t walked that less a frequency in six years.

The prideful Hall of Famer-and we all know this-would have hated to walk in such circumstances. I’m sure Mr. Robinson feels the historical moment as it relates to his own baseball career. Visions of Frank Robinson past are certainly passing through Mr. Robinson’s mind as Barry circles the bases. His mind is most likely slowing down every single step of Barry’s home run trot.

Frank’s pride probably causes him to look away as Bonds circles the bases, but he senses the dirt being kicked up by Barry’s spikes. He hears his own heart beat thump as that same dirt falls back to the earth with the sound of thunder.

I’m sure when Mr. Robinson glances up he momentarily envisions himself crossing the plate with a scowl that teammates loved and opponents abhorred. Smile for him Frank! You know you want to!

Listen people, you can scream Balco, personal trainers, and surliness until your face pops. What you need to do is appreciate the sheer greatness of Barry Bonds. He has shaken up the baseball world again.

He’s taken the pressure off the Yankees to reclaim first place, and inspired young left handed sluggers like Ryan Howard to grunt as he crushes game winning grand slams-feeling like number 25 as he circles the bases-knowing that God willing, he possibly can approach Barry’s ridiculous numbers.

Remember this, before all steroid talk even existed in fans minds, Barry was member of the hated pantheon of super athletes that are looked down upon unfortunately just for their athletic ability. Detractors make up unfortunate characterizations of these athletes with the sole purpose of tarnishing their almost unapprochable legacies. Why? Because he’s not them!

Take your envy and use it for something useful like fixing that creaky gate that your wife has been nagging you about. Cool off by cutting the grass in a thunderstorm. You’ll feel better.

Barry is what envy has created in an increasingly insecure modern sports world.

He’s Frank Robinson, Albert Belle, Jack Johnson, Jim Brown, Reggie Jackson, Wilt Chamberlain and Josh Gibson rolled into one. Imagine that.

He swings with the soul of his father, the unforgiving passion of his God-father, and the mental toughness of seizing the moment when the entire universe is rooting against him. His bat screams beep you every time the haters in the upper deck scratch and claw for his home run ball.

Who’s next for you to hate people. Will you whine with frustration about A Rod’s contract as he approaches Barry’s numbers? How about when you said that Jim Edmonds is a better center fielder as Jr. is rounding third after hitting number six hundred?

Edmonds is nothing more than Andy Van Slyke-well, maybe a little better. Stop and listen to the bull crap that is actually being vocalized when you part your lips just enough for that bone to fly out of your own closet.

Some of us don’t care that Mickey Mantle’s baseball card is worth more than Hammerin’ Hank’s and the Say Hey Kid’s combined. That’s your history and acceptance, not the real story.

Barry Bonds is the best to ever play in the Major Leagues without question. Crush that record Barry! Make the boo birds feel inadequate as you fire blaze a path around the bases for the next generation of power hitters with unbroken spirits.

There are really people out there who appreciate the legend on the field and the fact that you have children that look up to you. After all is said and done Barry, your family is all that matters. Enjoy this moment for them. They are proud of you and so are your fans.