Wow Do You Smell That? That’s The Smell Of Burma Grass And Football!!

By Gregory Moore
Updated: August 5, 2005

SAN ANTONIO — My summer vacation is almost over and I just can’t wait. While some parents are just giddy that school is about to start and that they have their spouses to themselves for a little bit on those first few days, I’m just as happy as a pig in mud that licks will be passed, pads will be hitting and hits will be made during the dog days of summer because my second favorite sport is already here.

It’s football season and that means I get to overdose on some of the best high school, college and professional games all the way up until about the first week in January of 2006. I can’t wait for the action to start and I have already started making my own “hot sheet” of the teams to watch and follow for this upcoming season along with some personal road trips that I wouldn’t mind making and see some of this action in person.

So to start off the 2006 season, here are just a few of what I think may be hot match ups for this die hard football junkie to see and some odds and ends of tidbit information to go along with the minutia that I’ll pass along to you: NOTRE DAME vs WASHINGTON

On Saturday the 24th, the Golden Domers leave South Bend, Indiana and come west as they will face their former head coach with their new one. Charlie Wise was the man picked to succeed Tyrone Willingham after the Irish Beauregard figured they could run Ty out of town on semantics.

Little did they know that now they are going to face their former head coach who has nothing to lose as the Huskies are picked to finish tenth in the Pac-10. That’s okay because one of the few games that Ty’s team will win will be this one on ABC. Go to confessionals Irish fans and ask your school leadership to repent of their boorish ways of last year while the Irish suffer the loss. Ironically I think Washington will revenge the loss from last year and flip the score, 38-3 Huskies.


Longhorn fans, you didn’t see Ted Ginn, Jr. in last year’s Alamobowl down here in San Antonio. Let me give you a quick synopsis of what this kid can do. “Damn did he just throw the ball to himself”?

Yes Longhorn fans, Ginn is that good of a player. He did it all against Oklahoma State and even though we all knew Les Miles was all but headed to LSU that December night, don’t be fooled by the lopsided score; Ohio State is better this year than last year’s squad. Here’s the blemish of an early loss for you but it will still be heck of a game to see on ABC at 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. The Buckeyes will take this game 28-14.


Fans of Black college football this year now have a website/television network that will kind of coincide to whatever programming TV One, BET and the other Afro-centric television networks may offer can not only check for all of their HBCU news but if you want to keep track of your favorite team or watch them on the tube, CSTV is the first non-Afro centric network that is dedicated to this audience. Between BASN and CSTV, you will get complete coverage of your favorite HBCU team.


No Eddie Robinson. No Doug Williams. Will the Grambling Tigers once again reclaim the SWAC as their own personal playground or will teams like Southern, Alcorn State and even Texas Southern start making inroads and slowly chip away at King Arthur’s chain mail and get to his heart? Who knows but for SWAC fans this season should be interesting.

The game I’m looking forward to, even though I will not be in attendance this year, is the Labor Day Classic down in H-town between TSU and Prairie View. What SWAC fans need though is another classic game in Texas that will last a few years or maybe the championship moved to a neutral site every three years. Hmmm.


Week one of the NFL season starts on a Thursday night and the Oakland Raiders will unveil their new offense with Kerry Collins and Randy Moss along with Joey Porter trying to revive the Raider nation. Chris Collingsworth leaves Fox and heads back over to NBC while Monday night football goes over to ESPN instead of ABC.

Change is around us this season and either you are down with it or you will be steamrolled. NFL fans take note that in the first week on Sunday, Sept. 11th, let’s all take a moment of silence to the tragedy of Sept. 11th a few years ago and remember what freedom stands for. Giant fans stand shoulder to shoulder with the Cardinal fan that is wearing the Pat Tillman jersey in Giant Stadium.

When America the Beautiful is sung or played, stand proud to be an American sports fan. Yes change has definitely came since that tragic time in our lives and we shouldn’t stop living our lives but this year is especially special since the games are played on this eventful date.


You know if I had a rich uncle, I wouldn’t mind hitting him up to visit a few stadiums this season and just take in the sights, smells and sounds of the NFL.

A few stadiums I wouldn’t mind checking out and being able to tell the grandkids one day are: the new Soldier Field, Lambeau Field, going back “home” to Cincy and seeing the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium, Reliant Field and the ultimate in my book, Oakland’s “Black Hole”.

One of these days I’ll get around to visiting these stadiums. To me these are some of the prime reasons why the NFL is one of the best products going in sports today.

Well, these are just some of the thoughts I had floating before vacation ends and the “real” fun for fall starts for this writer. Drop me a line, tell me what your favorite team is on the collegiate and pro level and let’s root on our favorite teams this upcoming football season.