The Spoiled Brat Syndrome and Mr. Terrell Owens

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: August 18, 2005

EL CERRITO, CA—Terrell Owens is at it again. Owens and the Philadelphia Eagles have been feuding all summer.

Philadelphia is witnessing the bad side of Mr. Owens. Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love has had enough of T.O. and his agent, Drew Rosinhouse. Most Eagles fans are saying “Just shut up and play football”.

T.O. who is in his late twenties or early thirties is behaving like a three-year-old. Mr. Owens you are a grown man participating in a man’s sport, so act like a man.

The Eagle head coach, Andy Reid, threw him out of practice last week for insubordination on Aug 10th. He returned to the Eagle’s camp on Wednesday morning Aug 17th.

What did Mr. T.O. do? Instead of reflecting on the moment he got his weight lifting equipment and created an impromptu press conference with WPVI, Channel Six, in front of his house in New Jersey. All of these actions could result in T.O. not wearing Green, Black, and White or even be in the game of football period. Only T.O., the Eagles, and his agent know the future.

You are one of the best wide receiver in National Football League. Just show your skills on the field. Mr. Owens get your second Super Bowl ring with the Green Birds and stop this non-sense NOW!

Owens knows how the system works and he used it to his advantage. Now Mr. Owens wants to circumvent the system. T .O. wants a new contract and a raise. Considering last year’s performance he probably does deserve it but that’s the problem, it was last year.

Three years ago T.O.’s began ranting and raving which gave the San Francisco Forty Niners a reason to trade him to the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens quarterback (Bolger) had just graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and was beginning to learn the Baltimore system. So it made sense to T.O. to entertain being the wide receiver for the Eagles not the Ravens. Owens communicated to the Ravens executive staff that he wanted to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. That should have been a warning (red flag) to the Green Bird management team. T.O. happened to be the answer to McNabb and the Eagles because he provided the deep and long threat that the team lacked.

Now everyone is wondering if it is worth all the trouble.

Last year the Eagles were almost unstoppable with the Owens-McNabb combination. Philadelphia’s 12-2 record just proved the point. The Eagles revisited the playoffs without T.O. who had broken an ankle four games earlier. However, the Eagles marched to the National Conference Finals with the confidence and swagger they did not have the previous two years, thanks to Mr. Owens. The Eagles lost the Super Bowl but that was not T.O.’s fault. He played one of the best games of his life.

Mr. Owens loves the spotlight when it’s centered around him; there are a few other athletes just like him who play baseball, basketball, and hockey. None of them enjoy the criticism that comes with this high profile lifestyle.

T.O. has never apologized for his flashy touchdown celebrations, four years ago in Arlington, Texas. He dashed to the blue star of the Dallas Cowboys, arms to the heavens twice. Two years ago he signed a football with a Sharpie pen then gave a free football to one of his former agents, thrilling the end zone crowd. Then there was the cherished pom, pom, dance in San Francisco. How well we remember last year’s Ray Lewis dance imitation in Philadelphia after he scored over the Raven linebacker. He must have practiced that act for weeks before the game in Baltimore. And last but not least, was the Monday Night Football opening with Nicollette Sheridan (of the hit show “Desperate Housewives”) wearing only a towel and provocatively asking Owens to skip the game for her as the two stood alone in the Eagles locker room.

It is obvious that Mr. Owens has the dreaded sports disease called “FOOT IN MOUTH”.

For instance:

Mr. Owens has insulted five of the most well known and well liked people in football. Interestingly enough, sports personnel have hardly ever complained about these same individuals.

1) Former Coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Steve Marruicchi, now head coach of the Detroit Lions.

2) Jeff Garcia former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.

3) He has mocked Baltimore Raven Linebacker Ray Lewis after talks with Owens new agent and Raven management broke down.

3) Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Donavan McNabb; one of the best quarterbacks in the game today encouraged the Eagles to attain the prolific receiver two years ago. McNabb has tried to keep a very low profile during the summer practice and have smiled through it all.

4) Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid brought the City three Eastern Conference Titles and one Super Bowl appearance in four years.


Terrell Owens has not made it easy for the Philadelphia Eagles or the National Football League. His point about being paid for services rendered is commendable, however he signed a contract and he should honor that contract. Mr. Owners is aware of the rules of his contract and the Eagles are not going to change them now. Its time for you to mature and grow up T.O.

The game of football can live with you or without you. The Philadelphia Eagles played well in the ESPN T.V. pre-season opening game against their cross-state rival Pittsburgh Steelers which proves my point.

Every newspaper and sports network show has given the Eagles Owens story top billing while other National Football League Teams should be the story this year.

Here are just ten examples.

  1. Can the New England Patriots Three-peat?
  2. Can the Oakland Raiders improve from last year’s slump?
  3. Can Payton Manning break his own touchdown records?
  4. Can the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts beat New England the defending NFL champion?
  5. Can the younger Manning brother lead the New York football Giants to the playoffs?
  6. Can Donte Colpepper captain his Minnesota Vikings without All Star tight end Randy Moss?
  7. Can Coach Bill Parcells lead the Dallas Cowboys to the playoffs?
  8. Is this Bret Farve last year at Green Bay?
  9. Will Ricky Williams stay a complete season with the Miami Dolphins?
  10. How will this year’s croup of rookies’ effect the league and the teams that selected them?

This is what all sports writers should be informing the public with not the everyday events of Mr. Terrell Owens.