Mosley Sues Promoter Kushner

By Off the BASN Sports Wire
Updated: August 29, 2005

New York, NY –Super welterweight champion Shane Mosley is suing boxing promoter Cedric Kushner for more than $600,000 he said he’s owed from a 2002 title fight.

Mosley’s lawyer, Judd Burstein, said Mosley is owed the money from his July 2002 rematch with Vernon Forrest.

The suit was filed Tuesday in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court, and Burstein said his client received a money judgment against Kushner in California last year after the promoter “admitted he owes the money.”

Burstein said the judgment is now effective in New York, but he said Kushner claims he doesn’t have the money. The exact amount Kushner owes is $600,359, according to court papers.

Kushner said Wednesday he had not seen Mosley’s court papers, and had no comment.

Mosley will defend the WBA and WBC super welterweight titles he took from Oscar De La Hoya against IBF champion Winky Wright on March 13 in Las Vegas.