By Elisa Harrison
Updated: August 29, 2005
Ricardo Mayorga
Ricardo Mayorga Photo Credit: Brian Cannon/BRC

MIAMI, FLA.—According to the Associated Press, former world champion Ricardo Mayorga was arrested at Managua’s International Airport Friday on suspicion of rape, and says he is uncertain about the status of his October 2 middleweight bout in New York against Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad.

Police spokesman Marlon Montano said that Mayorga’s arrest came as a result of a complaint which was filed Wednesday by a 20-year-old woman who said the boxer had invited her to a hotel, beat her and sexually abused her.

Mayorga spoke to members of the press at a police station where he was taken, claiming he was innocent.

“I had a normal relationship with her and the hotel employees are witnesses that she was happy when she left the hotel. I gave her two bills of 500 córdobas (about $30 each) and we said goodbye,” said Mayorga, who was dressed in black, smoked a cigarette and asked a photographer to shoot him in a boxing pose.

Asked about his bout with Trinidad at Madison Square Garden, Mayorga said, “I think that it was suspended and Trinidad will fight somebody else, but I’m not sure.”

Mayorga’s attorney, Sergio Morales, said he would seek an injunction allowing his client to travel to the United States. He maintained the arrest was illegal because a warrant that authorized it had expired. Morales said his client had been trying to catch a flight to the United States to continue training for the fight against Trinidad.

“He did not try to flee,” said the attorney. “His constitutional rights to free movement are being violated.”

In June Mayorga avoided jail over an assault complaint filed by a man who accused the former champion of threatening him with a pistol and punching him in the face. Mayorga denied the accusations and said the man was harassing him.