Dunkadelic Introduces Sport-n-Sexy Theme To The Dunkadelic Nation Of Basketball And Hip-Hop

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: August 17, 2005

BALTIMORE — Adidas and Reebok have recently completed a merger to give footwear super power Nike more competition. The Adidas aquisition of reebok gives them a stronger position with the Basketball and Hip-Hop consumers.

Reebok has a cast of stars that include Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Nelly. Adidas has Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, and New York playground sensation Sebastian Telfair.

The two combined companies have major Hip-Hop male influence, but none of the sneaker giants including Nike have ever created a signature brand name for the females who come from the Basketball and Hip-Hop culture.

From the Dunkadelic Nation of Basketball and Hip-Hop there will be a ladies signature performance brand counterpart to the Dunkadelic brand.

The Dunkadelicious brand will join forces with the more male influenced Dunkadelic brand to form the first ever male and female sports performance brands that derive from the same base name.

The Dunkadelicious image will be based on a Sport-N-Sexy theme that will present the females in sport and Hip-Hop in a stylish and classy nature with a touch of sex appeal to show a more feminine side of women in sports/Hip-Hop.

The Dunkadelic and Dunkadelicious brands will set a new standard and raise the bar to another level for sport brands that cater to the Basketball and Hip-Hop consumer market.

Dunkadelic creator Derrick E. Vaughan will be a panelist at the upcoming Hip-Hop and Journalism Summit in Chicago scheduled for September 15-17.

NOTE: For more information about the Dunkadelic and Dunkadelicious brands visit www.dunkadelic.net or e-mail Mr. Vaughan at dvaughan@dunkadelic.net