By Jeff Mayweather
Updated: August 29, 2005
Black Kobra with trainer Jeff Mayweather (R) and other Team Kobra members
Black Kobra with trainer Jeff Mayweather (R) and other Team Kobra members Photo Courtesy

MIAMI, FLA.—The guy I’m talking about goes by the name of Dewey Cooper or his alter ego Black Kobra. He is a double threat in two very brutal sports. He’s a Kick Boxer who fights in K-1, where some of the best kick boxers in the world compete. He also boxes professional, sporting a 10-0-2, 7 KO’s record.

I’m his trainer when it comes to stepping in the boxing ring. He’s not only a double threat in the ring he has two very diverse personalities, depending on who you’re talking to at the time. If you’re talking to Dewey Cooper you’re talking to a very nice, calm, articulate young man who looks as though he should be a professional model. A college graduate from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, a soft spoken and extremely polite guy.

The other guy, Black Kobra, is altogether different. Dewey becomes his alter ego come fight time. He really psyches himself up and feels invincible when the Kobra takes control of his consciousness. He is ready to go to war.

Even in his everyday life Cooper seems to be chameleon like. Just as diverse as Dewey is to Black Kobra, so too is his taste in music. I often go to his house to train him. One day I come over he’s listening to rock and roll another time I come by he’s listening to hard core gangster rap. Dewey can be a very hard guy to gauge, which may be by design.

One thing I can say about Dewey, he is one of the hardest working athletes on this planet. I would put his work ethic up against any athlete in the world. There are no shortcuts for Dewey. My main concern with him is not to over train. He’s extremely driven and has a sincere passion for combat. He thrives on being challenged. In K-1 he weighs the bare minimum of 200 lbs., while most of his opponents weigh anywhere from 230 lbs. all the way up to 300 lbs.

He has fought some of the very best that K-1 has to offer … Carter Williams, Gary Goodrich, Mighty Mo and Michael McDonald, more than holding his own against them all, actually beating three of the four mentioned, only losing to McDonald. He has mass appeal in his hometown of Las Vegas; the crowds go wild when they see Dewey Cooper step in the ring. Be it K-1 or Boxing he delivers action; win, lose or draw you won’t leave disappointed in his efforts.

On September 17th, one night before the big show, Cooper will once again entertain the local fans. The stage won’t be as big, nor will the lights be as bright, but one thing is for sure, Dewey will come to fight.

Cooper has finally turned that corner I’ve been looking for, with his transition as a fighter (boxer). He’s understanding that the basic rule of boxing is to hit and not get hit. He has become a defensive minded fighter first, but still has that warrior mentality inside of him. His attitude used to be that once he got hit he immediately had to get you back with no plan of attack, other than going straight at his opponent, fearless to a fault. So far we have been able to remain unbeaten while learning on the job. We’re getting a little better with each passing day and don’t be surprised if one day you see this young man challenging for the World Title at Cruiserweight and don’t be surprised if he wins.

Right now Cooper has a very busy schedule ahead of him; still holding down a job and finding time to be a professional athlete in two very tough sports certainly makes him a double threat.

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