Chess Champ Motivates Disadvantaged Youth: Black Enterprise Honors Orrin Hudson And His “Be Someone” Organization

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: August 10, 2005

Orrin Hudson

ATLANTA — This month’s issue of Black Enterprise Magazine carries a story about Orrin Hudson and his efforts to improve the lot of disadvantaged youth in America.

Hudson, who has won the 2005 National Self-Esteem Award, the 2005 NAACP Award for community service, the 2004 TBS Superstation Pathfinders awards for Education, the 2004 Atlanta Braves, and the 2004 MLK award, has dedicated his life to helping others.

Hudson is a former 6-year Alabama state trooper, Air Force veteran, and now the founder of a youth organization called Be Someone, Inc.( Be Someone, Inc.’s mission is to build character, hope, and inspiration among disadvantaged youth.

A motivational speaker and two-time chess champion, Hudson has blazed a trail throughout America teaching and motivating youth.

He has been a source of inspiration using chess as a stimulus for children to learn the very adult concepts of responsibility, discipline, and self-reliance. He also teaches them to believe in their own ideas and to learn from their decisions.

Orrin’s work has been featured in USA Today, CNN Headline News and CNN American Stories.

Currently, his organization is looking for sponsors. For more details about “Be Someone”, contact Janice R. Davis at 678-526-0292 or Or log on to