What’s In A Name: Part Two

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: July 19, 2005

LOS ANGELES — The politically correct police patrol is at it again in this country.

We want to change the names of our sports teams, no matter what the sport or if it’s a college or pro team.

For as long as I can remember, the Cleveland Indians have allways had the smiling face of Chief Wahoo on their caps or uniforms.

Not to mention for those of you old enough to remember, the Washington Wizards weren’t always the Washington Wizards.

They used to be the Washington Bullets until some rocket scientist or a member of the politically correct police patrol decieded, “Oh no, let’s change the name, because Washington DC has a lot of crime, and bulets just isn’t a good name.”

Wizards, I suppose is better.

Here in California, the Stanford University teams used to be known as the Stanford Indians.

Now, they’re called the Cardinal.

No, not the Cardinals, the Cardinal, God forbid we should offend someone in the Roman Catholic church by calling them the Cardinals.

It gets even worse.

The San Diego State teams have always been known as the Aztecs.

Is that offensive?

The Aztecs were Mexican Indians and in case some of you called in sick for all those history clases at school, California was at one time part of Mexico.

it’s called honoring the culture.

Some of you find the name Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Chiefs name offensive.

I think it’s worse when the Braves’ fans do that annoying “tomahwawk chop.” when the Braves have a rally going.

No, I don’t think it’s offensive because they do the chop, and I really don’t like the team,I get mad because the Braves fans haven’t gotten a clue on how to really do it.

They ought to take a lesson from the fans who originated it- the Florida State Seminoles.

And you fans are going to jump all over the ‘Noles, too for being insensitive.

I’ve got news for you if you’ve ever watched a “Noles home game.

Chief Osceola, the mascot of the Noles is a real Seminole Indian.

The Seminole Nation in Florida doesn’t have a problem with the name, why should anyone else.

Before you jump all over me, let me tell you this, not only am I a proud African American woman, I’m also proud of the fact that my family on my mother’s side were Cherokee Indians from North Carolina.

We need to stop this nonsense about changing team mascots names and all of you who say African Americans should be up in arms if teams were named the Omaha Sambos or something more offensive- do me a favor-stop the madness.

Our country has way too many important issues than the names of our sports teams.

It’s high time the Politically Correct Police Patrol gave it a rest.