Until ‘Big Brother’ Recognizes, WNBA May Never Get Respect From The Media

By Gregory Moore
Updated: July 19, 2005

San Antonio Silver StarsSAN ANTONIO – I have to admit that even I have been lackadaisical in covering the San Antonio Silver Stars on this website this year but that’s only in making sure that the team is actually covered on the site.

When it comes to actually covering the team and the league, I’m living up to my end of the bargain. I’ve talked WNBA hoops with Teresa Edwards and other former/current WNBA stars on the radio dial. When it comes to actually giving support, I try to make sure I’m there for the events I can get to.

So it baffles me that there isn’t any better coverage of the San Antonio team here by the other media outlets and their lack of coverage of this team. I continuously wonder why nobody seems to really care about this team even though there is a local connection on the roster. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. The reason why this team doesn’t get the love from the press is because ‘big’ brother doesn’t give them love either.

Maybe that’s my own personal assumption but I really don’t have any disputable facts to say otherwise. I look in the stands and I don’t see many fans for this franchise and that worries me. It worries me because I know that this city is a basketball maven when the teams are winning.

Granted with a losing team you aren’t going to get many fans but the thousands that do show up make it worthwhile. Yet I don’t see any of the San Antonio Spurs players in attendance for these games. Where is Tony Parker, Bruce Bowen or Robert Horry? How about a former Spur like David Robinson or Sean Elliott? Where are they during these games?

It’s really a sad picture because in other cities the men come out and support the women. Just prior to the Pacers getting ready to go to Minnesota, Ron Artest was taking in an Indiana Fever game and he was watching the game with his friends and other co-workers. There have been NBA sightings in Houston, Los Angeles and New York.

Even the Charlotte Sting has been blessed to have a couple of the men show up. So what gives San Antonio? Why aren’t the Silver Stars getting the love of their world champs and if they aren’t getting that love, is the lack of media coverage the primary reason why the Silver Stars do not get more highlights or publication mention by the San Antonio contingent, myself included?

The Silver Stars are a professional team just like anything else in this city and I am quite embarrassed that I have not given them my full attention earlier in the season. This team is frustrated and even though they are at the 5-15 that is no excuse for anyone who calls him or herself a sports journalist to not want to talk about this team.

The only sports station we have in this city doesn’t even mention their name during the two local shows that are on the air and the only time they are mentioned is when the games are on the radio. The daily newspaper sends out a reporter and she does a great job but when the team is on the road, how come that reporter isn’t going with them?

You got a budget to send a columnist down south for Basketball Without Borders but yet you don’t have any money to send your WNBA beat writer to Houston or Phoenix? And it’s like I said earlier, I’m as guilty as the next person I’m hammering on because when was the last time I wrote anything on this team?

I am all aware that the media cadre here in this town caters to the Spurs and that’s fine to some extent but it is also wrong and could be almost bigoted in nature. For local television stations, a sports radio station and other media venues to only come around when the team is winning or has something controversial going on is wrong.

Now while the rest of them want to continue to look at the pink elephant and say nothing is wrong, I’m going to at least try to do better from this point on. Nobody truly knows just how long this WNBA franchise may be in San Antonio.

Three losing seasons and five coaching staffs can wreck your entire plan at trying build something great. However that is no excuse for me not putting something on this site on a more consistent basis. That’s the least I could do for a team that truly is trying to be like the big brother.

I’d just wish that big brother would come down and help the WNBA team by at least giving them enough ample coverage for the remainder of the season.

NO REST FOR THE WEARY RONNIE I’m going to give Ron Artest the benefit of the doubt and believe in him that he is a changed man. That means that the Indiana Pacers’ sharpshooter needs to stay on top of his game during the Minnesota Summer League and not take things for granted.

Artest needs the work and I have much respect for him to want to be using a league where basically rookies, undrafted players and guys trying to ride the dream one more time have come to play. It’s good that Artest has recognized that he needed this league to hone his skills and to get back into competition shape before training camp.

“Ron played well,” said assistant Dan Burke. “He played within the team framework and played hard. He made good decisions and tried to play the right way.”

It’s going to take some time for Artest to get back to being the All-Star that he was prior to the suspension but if he continues to have a good summer league experience, he might be on his way back to being one of the elite swingmen in the league next season.

And because of his dedication to the Pacers team now, I can honestly say that I await him to come back into the NBA family and deliver stellar performances that we all know.

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Stay tuned as more information will be available about this initiative but if you can’t wait, please go to www.theathletegroup.com. This firm can get your child noticed and help you with everything you need to know about how to make an informed decision of the college that is best suited for your student-athlete. In the meantime if you have any interest in this project and would like to lend some assistance, please e-mail at the address below and I will get in contact with you.