Terrell Owens, Derek Anderson, Latrell Sprewell and Leon Must Be Related Somehow

By Gregory Moore
Updated: July 22, 2005

Terrell Owens and Derek Anderson

Terrell Ownes and Derek Anderson

SAN ANTONIO — Terrell Owens and Derek Anderson of the Portland Trailblazers have got to be related somehow. I have heard this “I’m doing it for my family’ line before from a rich athlete and I’m trying to put my finger on it. Oh wait I have the person who has said a similar statement not too long ago and he is making $14.6 million from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

That individual is Latrell Sprewell. Yet Owens has said something else too that kind of hits home with another athlete. Owens wants to be traded and he’s trying to orchestrate a deal after just one year from playing with a playoff contender. Let’s see there was another NBA player who did that and now he is in purgatory for that mistake. Oh that’s Derek Anderson of Portland. Evidently Owens must be related to the both of these players because he wants to join them in playoff purgatory where they count their millions but have no bling-bling to say, I’m the best in my occupation.

The family line is way overblown now and it’s actually becoming a tired act. I listened to an Atlanta station when a friend of mine had Owens on her sports show and Owens was saying all the right things at the time. Then again, and this isn’t bashing my friend or her co-hosts, it wasn’t like Owens was dealing with the Washington Press Corps here. It was a laid back atmosphere and for that particular time frame of events, it was just fine.

But now I want a crack at #81 in your playbook and the #1 guy you want to dunk in the dunking tower right now. I want to have the opportunity to grill his ass for being just plain stupid. He must think that the sports fans in the NFL are that naive to believe that this isn’t about money. If Owens thinks this is really about being underpaid, then he needs to stop wearing the powder blue jumpsuits at his favorite gymnasium, take the diamond studs out of his ears and maybe go back and read why Sprewell is about to be a casualty in the salary cap wars of the NBA and why Anderson’s stock has dropped so far below radar that his agent could beg the San Antonio Spurs to take him back.

Owens’ stance is particularly bothersome because this is the deal that the NFLPA told him not to take. If Owens really thought it was a bad deal then how come he didn’t follow his own union’s advice? Probably the only reason why Owens signed the deal was because he knew his goose was cooked from his chicanery of wanting to be out of San Francisco and the only team that wanted him was the Baltimore Ravens. So now what does he want to do?

Does he honestly think that Arthur Blanks and the crew in Atlanta will let him become a Falcon? Is he seriously considering that option? If Owens is, then this just solidifies my stance on why some athletes have no business being businessmen too. Stupidity does not garner success in the business acumen and let’s face it; right now I wouldn’t trust Owens to run the school bookstore at Mother Hubbard Kindergarten on Woodlawn Avenue (yes that school is in Atlanta, Terrell).

The Falcons would be imbeciles to allow Owens to plague their locker room. If he isn’t getting along with Donavan McNabb right now, how in the hell would the Falcons to expect Owens to get along with Peerless Price, T.J. Duckett, Warrick Dunn and Michael Vick? Owens would tear that team apart as well and Falcon fans would want his selfish behind gone from their team too.

If Owens really wants to know why everyone is hating on him, it’s because he’s just being an ass about the situation. Owens has done everything possible to drag the Philadelphia Eagles organization through the mud, over hot coals and then thrown the whole organization off the cliff saying, “But, I love you man”. Owens has done everything he can to show that it is all about him and not about the team he plays for.

Let’s be honest about his playing ability. Owens is one of the top wide receivers in the league but who makes him that good? The Pro Bowl quarterback who is the franchise player of that team. Who has Owens been fortunate to have passes thrown by that have allowed him to shine? Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb. So if there were a side that team would take on whom they would keep and who would be traded in the Eagles front office, which would be the first casualty? Well at least Owens got that answer right in his statements. He is expendable and so is every other player who is not the “franchise” of that team.

People have wondered why I have called Terrell Owens “Leon” at times but this little tantrum of his should prove my point. Owens is a prima Donna and so were Anderson and Sprewell. Owens fits the mold where all the attention has to be on him at all times. Hey Terrell team owners have fired guys for being jerks and being attention grabbers. Maybe you haven’t read recently but Bill Davidson let Larry Brown go because Brown was about Brown and not about the Detroit Pistons.

So maybe you better be careful what you say to the media. Just because that was an Atlanta station doesn’t mean that your employers can’t find out about it. And if you get back to Philly and Andy Reid says, “That’s okay, T.O., we don’t need you this week”, take it as a sign that you are about to be fired and possibly blackballed in the league. If that happens T.O., don’t take it personally because as you say, “this is how business is done”. You are right in that regard. It’s a business and the Eagles are in the business of winning. With or without you, the Eagles will be in the playoffs and possibly another Super Bowl.

It’s already been proven but if you don’t think the Eagles can do better without you, ask Derek Anderson or Latrell Sprewell how does it feel not going to the playoffs because they wanted a “new deal”. Maybe Sprewell will let you use his yacht or Anderson will let you ride in the drop top Bentley he might still have. Oh and don’t forget to have Leon get you a nice cold Bud out of the refrigerator too.