Still Searching For A House Negro

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: July 5, 2005

NewjackNEW JERSEY—Just to give a little backdrop on what I am about to say, I have been a wrestling columnist for nearly 6 years now. For those 6 years, I have mainly written columns concerning the plight of African-American wrestlers in the ruthless business of sports entertainment. I have done interviews with wrestlers, authors, newspapers writers, and so on, and in those 6 years, I have written a controversial piece or two. In the end, it always seem to come down to the same bottom line.

Us “house negroes” should just speak when spoken to. That’s what a lot of wrestling columnists will tell you if you’re an African-American trying to speak out for your people on certain issues such as racism in the business, limited opportunities, job security, etc.

Well, here we go again. Just recently, I wrote a column concerning former ECW wrestler New Jack, and his quest to get into the WWE early this year. At least to this point, New Jack has not been rumored to be high on Vince McMahon’s list, to no surprise of anyone – at least it shouldn’t be. Anyway, the point being that apparently, this one got around – unlike the other 5+ years worth of stuff that I wrote – to, and a guy by the name of Bill Cullen somebody decided to write a rebuttal, calling me either a former disgruntled wrestler, or someone just looking for attention, because I touched on the ever-so-touchy subject of racism in wrestling. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Well, first of all, which one is it? Disgruntled or an attention seeker? Second of all, I will leave it for Mr. Somebody to try and guess which one, since he seems to have the answers to begin with. Third, this guy sounds to me like somebody who is just looking to try and buy a house negro to command when to speak, and when not to. Sorry, you won’t find that here. Just because we have had a small measure of success in the last 10 years with The Rock, Booker T., Shelton Benjamin, and a couple of others, now is not the time for us to go in our corner and shut up, while the powers that be crack the whip some more, whether it be in the front offices, or online columnists.

Last I checked, slavery was abolished a couple of centuries ago, at least the blatent form of it. Last I checked, opinions were not meant to be taken as facts, and it seems that Mr. Cullen did just that. When I go into the news business, and start reporting facts, I will most certainly let you know.

As for sitting down and shutting up, don’t count on it. Black wrestlers are here to stay, as few as we do have. This Black wrestling columnist is here to stay also, at least for a while. After all, I’m the only one who will hold this particular forum, and I have no immediate plans to give it up. Sorry if that disturbs you, Mr. Wrestling Journalist. Good luck in your ongoing search for that house negro, though. End me a picture of him when you find him.