President’s Loss Could Be A Gain For Bethune-Cookman Athletics

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: July 10, 2005

Bethune-Cookman College President Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — This could be the most beneficial loss in the history of Bethune-Cookman College athletics.

Hoping to set an example for her students at Bethune-Cookman College to lead a healthy lifestyle, College President Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed recently embarked on a diet to maintain her girlish figure.

However, it’s difficult to maintain a rigid regimen when you’re required to appear at numerous functions and dinners all featuring a smorgasbord of fattening appetizers and succulent main courses. And then there’s Dr. Reed’s favorite vice – a glass of Dr. Pepper on ice – adding to the calorie count.

But being an astute fundraiser, Dr. Reed seized the opportunity to find extra motivation at a recent luncheon with members of her Board of Trustees. One trustee, Margaret McPhillips pledged $10,000 to the Football Training Center gifts initiative if Dr. Reed loses 25 pounds before mid-December. Moments later, Board Chairman Irving Matthews matched that challenge.

Pack away the Dr. Peppers.

“I now have excellent reasons to get into better shape,’’ smiles Dr. Reed. “My own personal well-being and an opportunity to further along a project that the entire Bethune-Cookman College family is excited about.”

Dr. Reed is serious about educating the students on health issues, often eating alongside them in the school cafeteria and encouraging them to avoid the fast foods and try the salads and sweet potatoes. She also promotes exercise.

“I believe in the all-around development of our students,’’ Dr. Reed said.

When Dr. Reed meets her goal, the money will be earmarked for the ambitious $13 million initiative to build and maintain a state-of-the-art home for the B-CC football team.

The Football Training Center will include locker rooms and showers, a weight room, coaches’ offices, meeting and film rooms and a reception area featuring a hall of fame. The 19,000 square football building will serve the football program’s approximately 90 student athletes, 25 coaches and support staff as well approximately 600-700 young student-athletes throughout Florida participating in the National Youth Sports Program and summer camps hosted by B-CC.

Head Coach Alvin Wyatt offered his encouragement to Dr. Reed.

“I’ll personally send my best lineman to guard her refrigerator if I have to,’’ Wyatt said. “She’s the star quarterback of this team and the quarterback has to be in the best shape for us to win.

“Dr. Reed continues to inspire us with her innovative ways to raise funds and take this institution to a higher level,” Wyatt added. “She has the Wildcat spirit of determination … all I can say is that Mr. Matthews and Ms. McPhillips should already make out those checks now.”

Those wishing to join Ms. McPhillips and Mr. Matthews in supporting Dr. Reed’s effort or make a contribution to the Football Training Center can contact the Bethune-Cookman College Office of College Advancement at (386) 481-2950 or visit the initiative’s web site at

Fundraising is underway for the project, and over $2 million has been pledged. A contest pitting local booster clubs and alumni chapters nationwide is being held to promote friendly competition for a worthwhile cause. A super rally to launch the contest will take place at the Gateway Classic in Jacksonville September 17.

“Bethune-Cookman College supporters have rallied to this cause,’’ Dr. Reed said. “This is in an initiative that will ensure the long-term success of our great Wildcat team and will be a source of pride for alumni and supporters. By taking part in this project, everyone can say they win.”

Even though we need Dr. Reed to lose. Just for a little while.