Player’s Mother May Have Mortgaged The Family Future Over Semantics

By Gregory Moore
Updated: July 21, 2005

Rashidi WheelerSAN ANTONIO – Rashidi Wheeler’s family deserves the settlement that Northwestern University is willing to give them. His mother, Linda Will, wants ‘her’ day in court despite a court appointed official advising her. Momma wants her day but the rest of the family is saying, “We’ll take the money”. Is this what Wheeler wanted after his tragic death? A family bickering and squabbling over something that they are about to be blessed with because the school had messed up? Or is this the case of a hellcat wanting to prove that she was a good mother and in the process she will mortgage the future for her day right now?

Let’s be perfectly clear as to where this case stands. This family is poised to get $16 million from Northwestern University. Will is a co-administrator of her son’s estate. The other co-administrator is her divorced husband. Caught in the middle of this are Wheeler’s three brothers who are all minors. The court appointed George B. Collins as the guardian of the three boys and he is the one who has filed papers to have Will removed. The document states “money for the minors is more important than any form of vindication and that non-financial vindication is a waste and mismanagement of the estate of the deceased.”

If you are a parent you can understand where Ms. Will is coming from and I can understand her position. She raised Wheeler and that is her son. She wants to have her day in court because she wants the university to be found culpable in his death. She wants vindication for her loss. What sane, human being wouldn’t want that for the loss of a loved one in a tragedy of this magnitude? However let’s look at the other side of the coin for a moment. Will has not acknowledged that three young men could benefit greatly from this settlement. She does not see that if the university approves the settlement that they are indeed taking some type of responsibility. She fails to see the bigger picture in this matter and that is most likely closure of this chapter. That is the side that Collins is using to persuade a judge to remove Ms. Will from the proceedings and for this settlement to go forth.

I don’t think anyone wants to see Ms. Will’s feelings on this issue be swept under the bridge. I don’t think the guardian of Wheeler’s three brothers wants Ms. Will to be ostracized from these proceedings and I’m sure Ms. Will doesn’t want to come across as being a greedy, vindictive mother who is only after a bigger payday than what is already put on the table. However Ms. Will has to look at the reality of the situation. The reality is that Northwestern University is ready to give the family of Rashidi Wheeler $16 million to put this behind them. They want to settle because although they believe they could win their case, their lawyers are saying cut your losses now and spare everyone a trial. What Ms. Will’s former attorneys and other legal experts are telling her the same thing and it would be wise for her to realize that maybe this would be best for everyone concerned.

Right now Ms. Will is at a crossroads because she has the university ready to write a check. While that may not be a public apology she is looking for, she could have a sizeable amount of that money coming to her as a mother. If she continues to be very bullheaded in her stance, she could crap out and put three truly innocent young men in a financial peril not of their choosing. And if she does do that to force the issue, can she live with the consequences of not being awarded anything years from now? That is what she needs to weigh as an option: a $16 million settlement that she will split with her son’s three brothers or everyone walking away with a lesser sum, if not zero. It’s a tough choice for a grieving mother. Let’s hope she makes the right decision for everyone involved in this matter.

OWENS HAS CROSSED THE LINE OF DECENCY NOW Well it’s official. Terrell Owens is a bona fide fruitcake. He is completely off his rocker with his statements and the sad thing is that he has now fallen into the Rosenhaus company line of saying asinine things.

“At the end of the day, I don’t have to worry about what people think of me, whether they hate me or not. People hated on Jesus. They threw stones at him and tried to kill him, so how can I complain or worry about what people think?”

Okay first of all Terrell you aren’t Jesus. Jesus was humble. Jesus was meek. Jesus stood for everything that was righteous in the world and his agent, the Holy Spirit, led him down the right path even when it meant death. You, my misguided friend, is nowhere close to that mark and your agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is leading you down a very dangerous path.

If Owens wants to compare himself to anyone, maybe he should compare himself to Dante Alighieri’s self-professed character in his book, “Divine Comedy”. Maybe Owens is making his own inroads through his own version of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven in his own little world; much like Alighieri did in his book. Maybe the characters in Owens world are very similar to what is in the book. His agent is Virgil and the media are the seven great poets of Greek times. Maybe Owens sees Jeffrey Laurie and the Eagles front office as Lucifer. In Owens’ world, anything is possible.

Well here’s the deal for Owens and Rosenhaus. We live in the real world, not in the world of an Italian author who was considered a heretic in the 1300s. In this world a contract is a contract and when you sign it, you are bound to abide by it. Maybe Rosenhaus doesn’t understand that concept when he’s negotiating with NFL teams but he had better quickly realize that he isn’t he super agent he wants to proclaim to be. In the real world, businessmen like Laurie eat guys like Rosenhaus up for snacks. Rosenhaus had better start telling Owens and the rest of his stable to chill out and just go with the flow for a bit. As for Owens, it is time for him to be his own man and stop letting someone lead him around like a little lost puppy. His whole career has been nothing but a mockery when it comes to being his own man. He followed Jerry Rice and has fallen flat on his ass in being as great a player as Rice was. Now he’s letting Rosenhaus lead him around on a leash of false promises. If Owens isn’t careful he will not have only crossed the line of decency from his outrageous remarks but also cross the line of obscurity as a former NFL player because sooner or later team owners will make him ‘persona non gratis’. That’s what you do with troublemakers who haven’t won anything in their careers and have caused nothing but trouble no matter where they have been.

And to think, I thought Owens actually was an intelligent individual. Guess I’m wrong on that account as well with his misguided sense of Biblical knowledge. His comments smack of heresy and in lesser times he could have been burned at a stake for using Jesus’ name like that. That’s not hating on him folks. That is being real about an individual who isn’t living in the real world. Nobody hates Terrell Owens; they are just tired of his selfish, attention grabbing proceedings.