Philly Fans, Take a T O! Owens Is One For the Ages

By Michael Tillery
Updated: July 22, 2005

Terrell OwensNEW YORK, NY—For those of you who are having anxiety attacks and gasping for a drink of, I beg you another question. Does Terrell Owens play with passion and courage on every single play regardless of the stage? Damn right! I loved Jerry Rice. Don’t get me wrong. He is the greatest receiver of all time in terms of statistics, but he did have Montana and Young to make sure the ball was on target. His ace in the hole was the advent of the infamous “West Coast” offense when it was fresh in our collective minds. After Young retired, T.O. didn’t miss a beat and is still thriving in the same offense today, even as defensive coordinators know exactly what spot he is going to be on the field.

It’s funny how soon we forget that Jerry Rice had his awkward moments in San Francisco also. He didn’t feel appreciated monetarily or spiritually. He wasn’t happy with the fact that all the credit went to Montana and Young. I, in my humble opinion, think that their careers would have been less stellar without Jerry racking up yards after the catch, bursting through the defensive backfield with all his soul set on six.

I have a huge problem with the present state of sports. It has become a soap opera at best. It gets old seeing suits talk over each other on ESPN. It gets old that some athletes are more heavily scrutinized than others with the same responsibilities and expectations. How come Dirk Nowitski or Steve Nash aren’t labeled choke artists when Chris Webber or Donovan McNabb are constantly referred to as such? What the heck does Barry Bonds not practicing with his teamates have to do with anything he does on the field? Similarly, does Shaquille O’neal’s inability to hit free throws have anything to do with his incomparable-in this era I might add-legacy? These utterly disgusting idiosyncrasies have no place in sports.

Everything that I have alluded to speaks volumes of Owen’s place on the field. I would go to war with him. No question. When he caught the play off game winner against Green Bay, I got chills! A star is born. When he caught those nine passes for one twenty two in the Super Bowl, there was a flash of Willis Reed momentarily. He took less money than his peers to bring the championship home to Philly and should be rewarded for his accomplishments. While he was still playing with the likes of Young in San Francisco, being in the same position year end after year end, and then seeing his organization falter in putting game players around him, he should have had a reason to be upset. It’s akin to Charles Barkely being drafted by the Sixers and seeing lengendary figures retire or get traded one after another, ultimately being left with absolutely nothing. Why do fans then turn on him? Is your life really that bad that you have to treat these athletes like they’re sub-human? If you bust your butt every day for your family and are afraid to even attempt to ask for a raise, that is your fault! Don’t hate the player, hate the game. He is a big game player and his willingness to risk his body is unquestioned. He works hard, both during the season and off, and walks the walk. He isn’t a criminal is he? Has this man or any athlete of his stature hurt anyone phyisically? Mentally is another question isn’t it?

Hey Philly fans of inexplicable schizophrenia, get over it! Before Terrell became a cheese steak eater you didn’t have an NFC championship in 24 years! Your unwillingness to have an informed sports mind will have you teetering over the sports abyss. Aren’t you sick of climbing out of it?