Note To Knicks: What Can Brown Do For You?

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: July 21, 2005

NEW YORK – There’s a better than average chance that the Knicks led by team President Isiah Thomas will get their man. That man is none other than legendary vagabond coach Larry Brown.

Let’s face it, like him, love him or even despise him the man can flat out coach basketball. Brown’s resume speaks for itself. But, in my humble opinion Brown suffers from the “genius” syndrome whereas when things become too easy for him or there is no longer a challenge in the particular subject (team) he seems to look for ways to find more.

When Brown is focused and entrenched with his particular team I might add, he’s as crafty and innovative a sideline general as you will ever find. During those history Pacers Knicks battles in the 90s, Brown would coach the pants off of Pat Riley. The Knicks usually won the series but, only because of the dominance of Pat Ewing whom the Pacers had no one to answer.

If the deal goes through as Thomas and the Knicks hope, Brown can do what no other Knicks coach within the past five seasons can do; and that is to get the team to play solid team defense and play intelligent basketball for 48 minutes.

With a supposedly historic 50 or 60 million dollar deal for 4 years on the table, Brown would be armed with not only financial security but also with “it’s my way or the high way” item on the menu as he would be making more money than 70% of the roster.

That means that he would be able to get into All-star guard, Stephon Marbury’s grill about playing hard on both sides of the floor. Word on the NBA streets says that their relationship wasn’t exactly cozy in Athens during the Olympics. Brown would even make budding star combo guard, Jamal Crawford an above average defender; goodness knows he has the athletic ability to do so.

Brown’s hiring, pending his health issues, his mindset and his wife who is angling for him to take a year off would not come without reservations. Like the past four coaches of the Knicks, they did not stay past three seasons.

They of course were all either fired, quit or simply (as in the case of Herb Williams) not asked back to coach.

No offense to Herb but if the Knicks are going to shell out money for a coach then why not go for the best coach out there; one that can teach and command the respect of the players while adding credibility to the entire organization, instantly.

And, if the Knicks and their fans are able to get at least two solid years out of Larry Brown and he turns them into a contending and winning franchise once again then all would be quit well with his short stay.